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    Australian players

    Hey guys I am two Pokemon away from finally completing the Kanto Dex. If any Australian players on here could message and help me hatch a Kangaskhan from a 7km egg that would be greatly appreciated. I tried doing this on Twitter and found myself swamped by Japanese players...
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    Potential Travelling Companions

    Another question from me, seeing as my last one was so well-received. Which past characters do you think could've made good travelling companions for Ash and co? And how would you have used them? It could be a Gym Leader, a Frontier Brain, a COTD, etc. Anyone from the Pokemon Universe. I used...
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    Rock Tunnel, Mr. Fuji and Marowak (Ghost)

    Following on from my thread last month about the lack of Benga in the Pokemon Anime and how people would've used him, I'd like to discuss a few other notable absentees from the series that mean more to me. I first started following the Pokemon series in 1998 as an 8 year old. Some internet...
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    In terms of his appearance, his relatives, the Pokemon on his team and the Pokemon he would give away, I thought Benga in B2W2 was a potentially interesting character who could've been used well somehow. As far as I am aware, I don't think he has been used in any Pokemon media in any way, shape...
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    Aspects of the games you wish were included in the anime

    Simple question really; I want to know which game features you wish had been included in the main anime series, or at least were featured somewhat differently? For me, the first two that spring to mind from Gen 1 are Rock Tunnel, and Mr. Fuji/ Marowak Spirit/ Orphaned Cubone. I think...
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    Characters with a Pokédex

    Characters with a Pokédex Similarly to my "Pokémon Ash tried to catch" thread, this will only interest certain people. If you are not interested, please ignore. Otherwise, could I have some help listing characters in the anime who have been shown to own a Pokédex please? I'm interested as to...
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    Pokémon Ash tried to catch

    Pokémon Ash tried to catch Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place, I'm sure somebody will move it for me if so... Anyway, in the XY Pokémon Speculation thread, I notice a lot of people commenting on Ash to capture a Dunsparce on two occasions, and it got me thinking. It might be good...
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    Casey (Johto)

    Hi, has Casey from the Johto region (Electabuzz Baseball Team fan) ever been shown to have a Pokédex?
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    Does anyone know...

    Does anyone know if the BW2 Player Characters, Nate and Rosa, are set to appear in the Adventures manga in any form? I know Hugh is but I hadn't heard anything about the other two.