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  1. KirliaToon50

    Why Don't Pokemon have a crossover episode?

    Yeah. it's not like Pokemon Anime done a Crossover episode before but I've got a Question that Serebii Forums never asked before: WHY DON'T Pokemon as a whole Anime Have a Crossover episode for specials? I know that will never happen but what's the option to have the probable Crossover episode...
  2. KirliaToon50

    What if Ash won the Johto League?

    Okay, in this alternate timeline... where Ash won the Johto League. How do you feel if Ash won the Johto league and leaves after Johto region and would the Generic male Protagonist have replaced Ash in Hoenn Region and onwards? Would Team Rocket Trio also be leaving After Johto Region...
  3. KirliaToon50

    About that Thunder Armor and other made-up Anime Moves...

    Yeah, I know Thunder Armor is exclusive to Pokemon Advanced Generation while Counter Shield is Exclusive to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Anime but are they real? Rocket Punch is exclusive to the Original Series. will Pokemon Journeys The Series Ever acknowledge these moves again?
  4. KirliaToon50

    What if Ash caught a hatterene Line?

    While assuming that Ash encountered Hatenna at Hammerlocke Hills in this very hypothetical scenario, Then Ash evolved his Hatenna into Hattrem at wherever he is, Then finally to Hatterene at the end, How would Ash's Hatterene do with Ash Ketchum himself. Would Ash's Hatterene work in this...
  5. KirliaToon50

    The Future of Pokemon Anime after PM2019?

    While assuming that Pocket Monsters (2019) ends, what is this Future of Pokemon Anime will be? Will Ash Ketchum continue his adventure as usual, how will Goh part way with Ash Ketchum? Will Chloe be a Pokemon trainer? What about Team Rocket? Discuss your prediction of the future Pokemon anime...
  6. KirliaToon50

    Hypothetically, Would Anime-exclusive Pokemon been a good idea?

    I know Anime-exclusive Locations and Character of The Day (I'm talking about Anime-Exclusive Humans not Pokemon themselves) exists but let's say in that scenario, The Writers comes up with a excuse to create Anime-Exclusive Fakemon Only designed for the Pokemon Anime. Would it been a good idea...
  7. KirliaToon50

    List of Pokemon that Ash never caught or mega evolved his Pokemon?

    Yeah, I'm not including Mythical Pokemon or Shiny Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon (Because that will cause the chaos), Species that Ash already caught but given marketability purposes: HAS Ash ever caught A Female-only Pokemon (not counting Snivy and Unfezant) such as: Wormadam Vespiquen Salazzle...
  8. KirliaToon50

    The big question is, would impidimp be part of Ash's team?

    Seeing as impidimp yet to be seen in the Pokemon Anime, would Ash catch it? would Impidimp fit Ash? if not, would Impidimp be likely on a Character of the Day's Pokemon? Discuss.
  9. KirliaToon50

    Should Kosaku Anakubo ever do Pocket Monsters MANGA with Kalos Region

    Hi There... Will Kosaku Anakubo Ever Do Pokemon Pocket Monsters Manga but with Kalos Region, will Red and His Pokemon (Clefairy, Pikachu) Ever Go To Kalos Region? What Will Red and His Clefairy & Pikachu Catch This time?