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Search results

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    lots of rakqiu (thunder legendary dog)

    lots of rakqiu for sale want magmar with magmarizer or magmortar manaphy phione latios
  2. B

    all whole bunch of raoqui fro sell

    there level 72 whole bunch of raoqui for sell i want some legendaries or starers or magma
  3. B

    looking for ho-oh/lugia/mew

    looking for ho-oh/lugia/mew show me your offers ;136; ;136; ;026; ;107; ;munchlax;;347;
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    looking for magmar/w Magmarizer or Magmortar

    looking for magmar or magmortar
  5. B

    need drapion

  6. B

    ho-oh/lugia for dialga

    trading ho-oh or lugia for a DIALGA
  7. B

    giving away dialga

    giving away dialga need electivire or just for free ;444; ;026; ;026;
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    need electivire

    ;292;need electivire any level i got some good pokemon just offer adn i'll reply fc:5240 8868 2652 name:jericho ;107;;munchlax;;347; ;201-m;;355;;222;
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    need electivuire or arceus have good pokemon

    need electivire have good pokemon i got level 58 palkia level47 dial ga level81 celebi level 81 suicune level 1 turttwig and more looking for any level electivire or electabuzz with electrizer ;201-m;;355;;222;;107;;munchlax;;347;;026;;136;;412;;049;;292;;165;;444;;078;;328; my...