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    Fates Worse than Death

    Your idea of a
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    Zenith's Approach [PG:15+]

    Repost, since the last one went pear-shaped. Anyway, the most dramatic change is my deciding that first-person already dominates my other fics, so I decided that a change (for the better, hopefully) is due. Universally centric me aside...nothing much. Read, enjoy if you're not offended. Rated...
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    Day [PG14+]

    This is my disqualified entry for the HGSS One-Shot Contest. Day “It may drop out of the sky suddenly. If attacked, it will violently shake its poisonous leaves.” “It lives by drinking only droplets of blood from dying or decaying corpses. It is said that it eats nothing...
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    Day [PG14+]

    This is my disqualified entry for the HGSS One-Shot Contest. Day “It may drop out of the sky suddenly. If attacked, it will violently shake its poisonous leaves.” “It lives by drinking only droplets of blood from dying or decaying corpses. It is said that it eats nothing...
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    Poses and the like

    What Pokemon poses in the games do you like or not? Well I don't like Wailord's DPPt back sprite. It's pretty much a blue bulge thing...which may or may not have sexual connotations. Also, Venomoth faces the wrong way in DPPt, but it's something I find intriguing.
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    Regret [PG15+]

    Before one goes on, this is a fic based upon Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. I'm still wondering whether this should stay as a one-shot or not, but in the event that this becomes a chaptered fic, I'll just let this thing be a prologue-y...thing that has its own different title in case I do make...
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    PS3 problem with USBs

    When I plug in my USB (Toshiba, with a File System of FAT32 if that's relevant) into my PS3, it can't read any of its files at all. When I refer to music, it says there are no tracks, when I refer to photos, it says there aren't any picture files etc. Is there a way I can make my PS3 read the...
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    Above [original PG:15+]

    This was originally going to be a one-shot, but I decided to turn this into a short story...which isn't so short now that I've decided to tackle this with my NaNoWriMo project. Good news is, this might actually get finished o: Slow reading is advised. A narration may be provided later...
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    Who knows, this might become a one-shot thread. But keep in mind that I will rarely be posting bright and pretty things here. :< And for the record, this was exactly 2 pages with Tahoma size-12 :p -one shot- -start- I understood why I did it, Even though I never knew why. I...
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    武 ~Brock Fan Club~

    http://i290.photobucket.com/albums/ll280/PaletteSwapper/Wu3shu4.png English: Brock Italian: Brock Spanish: Brock French: Pierre German: Rocko Japanese: タケシ / 武 [Takeshi] Korean: 웅 [Ung] Chinese: 小剛 [Xiǎo Gàng] Introduction Where fans of Brock congregate and celebrate his invaluable service...
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    Eh...Social Groups

    Did the section undergo a format makeover? I'm just asking because it looks a bit wierd (the icons are all 'X'ed as well). Also, it's no longer in the Quick Links toolbar... Terribly sorry if this is spam.
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    Castlevania: Abstract of Atrophy 悪魔城ドラキュラ:戦乱者の抽象絵画 [PG13+]

    ooh, Castlevania fic. I did this out of frustration out of my old one (and another Chronicles one I was planning), but they're gone with my failed hard drive. So while I'm recuperating, I've decided to write this one. Oh yeah, and to commerate my 365 days at SPPf. *confetti* This should...
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    MSN Virus

    A virus keeps sending out advertising messages out when I'm offline on MSN to my contacts. I'm sure everyone's had this problem before, but I was wondering if the computer is infected, or the MSN account. If it is the latter, would a new e-mail address suffice in solving the problem?
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    Book Adaptions

    This came as a passing thought, and I was wondering if anyone has been interested in making Pokemon/any other fandom adaptions of books they just read. I'm currently planning on writing a Pokemon adaption of 'The Day of the Triffids', but it isn't a particular exciting book in terms of plot...
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    Prying open a USB

    It seems that I have kicked my USB too often and now the plug is now off-centre, so I don't think a computer can read the information on it. Can realigning it (by prying it open and fixing it) work? It's a Sandisk Cruzer Micro btw, it's a bit difficult to pry open, and I'm not sure if it's even...
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    Narcissistic Reflection

    Here's just a random poem I felt like posting (first post in Non-Pokemon Fics as well, iirc). I just felt inspired to do it while writing for NaNoWriMo and I quickly jot it down. This is also my first non-Pokemon related poem as well. I did it in the space of...20-30 minutes so yeah...I did look...
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    SPPf's most popular Pokemon

    When I first came here, I honestly thought that half the forum was Umbreon mad, there were tonnes of people who had Umbreon avatars, Umbreon banners, used Umbreon smilies, everything! So, which Pokemon do you think is the most popular in this forum?
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    Rate how diabolical the above poster's plan to overtake the world is

    Title = Self explantory. Forum/Game rules apply. Be sure to read Medea's announcement.
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    DS Vision

    http://www.dsvision.jp/ The Pokemon movies are being rereleased on DS.
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    The Tower of Scyclical Times: Eight Legends, One Destiny (Rated PG 15+)

    Ta-da! If you remember me (as a fic writer), then you might probably remember the many subchapters and subprologues I posted here a few months ago that really hadn't amounted to anything major (even with Uber Font mode), so I rested for a while, glared at it for a while, then edited it for a...