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    Freedom of Speech

    We here in the Western world enjoy a variety of rights and freedoms. One of them is the freedom to say what one wants without fear of reprisal. Unless you deny the holocaust in Germany or swear in public in the Australian state of Victoria. Ultiamtely, this debate is should freedom of speech...
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    Majority Rule and Other Quirks of Democracy

    Bad attention grabbing title is bad. It does relate to this thread, however. This debate is a tad abstract, however, it does have some implications in the real world. Democracy, one the great achievements of the West, something Westerners enjoy and something that people in other parts of the...
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    Conscience or Oppurtunity.

    A couple of weeks ago, an Australian current affairs program had an episode revealing the depth of animal cruelty in Indonesian abattoirs involving live cattle from down under. The reaction of the Australian public was one of disgust and unease, with numerous calls in the media, the plebeians...
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    Let's debate evolution.

    This article basically looks at the question of how evolution would effect future humanity. [link] It got me thinking of what the future of humanity could look like. Indulge me, we all know that evolution dictates the rise or fall of a species. Humans themselves are the anomaly of the...
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    Hey, how much will you play for a soul?

    This isn't a troll thread, bear with me. Basically, what is the value of a human being? How drastic should someone go to preserve/extend either their life or the life of someone else? I mean, humans are all (in theory) equal and every belief system worthy of mention attaches value to a...
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    Is bestiality fine?

    For once, the title relates to the thread. Amazing. Now, I'm being serious in this thread. I'm neither being silly or troll-like, merely trying to have a debate that's rarely talked about. Would bestiality be acceptable if the animal and the person consented? I saw this [LINK]page and started...
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    Would This Work? - Emerald Battle Frontier Squads

    I'm curious to as wether or not a weather team could take on the BatFro, yet I don't want to fully develop some Pokemon to find that they aren't useful, so do you guys think these two teams would work or not? Also, what are your thoughts on a Sunny Day and Hail teams for the Frontier as well...
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    So, Do you think that Jynx is a racist Pogermanz? or has Political Correctness struck yet again?
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    Strategies of Win

    Have you guys ever come across, on your battles, link-battles, Youtube etc, any interesting or not so commonly used battle tactics? Like a team of 6 pokemon of the same family or some equally creative or potent. I'm not sure if this is in the right section, I'll soon find out!
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    We should have slavery, as it's very beneficial to our society.

    Title exists to grab your attention like a shameless ad it is. Today, I shall open a thread on Communism. The overall debate question of this thread is Do you think that Communism is a very good idea yet to be fulfilled or is it a good excuse for a small minority to exploit, repress, lie to...
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    I Need To Know.

    Does anyone know of a good way to end one's life? If a person dosn't have a gun, then what's the most painless way to commit suicide?
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    Genetic Mutation

    If you could be any Pogermanz out of them all, what one would you like to reincarnated into? Personally, I would like to be either a Cyndaquil or a Mudkip. Cyndaquil for it's cuteness, it's nimbleness and how I can cook food and burn enemies at will. Mudkip for the ability to use sonar, the...
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    Something new I've found out about Pokemon.

    You may be playing Pokemon and you all think that Pokemon is just a innocent child's game, but really it isn't. You see, underneath all that sickly, sweet sunshine is a subtle, yet powerful message adulterating our minds. You may be thinking of that Mad Evangelical who is convinced that Pokemon...
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    I Like Sadism, Necrophilia and Bestiality; Does That Mean I'm Flogging A Dead Horse?

    Was my title yuckky? Possibly. I may have compromised my decency by typing that. Freedom of Speech. Something the Internet has personified. Something some Chinese people die for (quite literally) and something Westerner's take for granted. So, should we have 100% Freedom of Speech or...
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    Racism And Discrimination Are Good Things.

    That got your attention. In the news cycle, some words keep coming up. Multiculturalism, Diversity, Tolerance. These things are nice and all, but I have wondered just how far it should go. To be more precise, should we Westerners tolerate other cultures/religions/ideologies if they uphold...
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    So what's your Favourite Colour?

    So what is your favourite colour? Red or Blue or Purple? Are you Left-Wing (represented by Red everywhere except for the USA where they are Blue) or Are you Right-Wing (represented by Blue everywhere except for the USA where they are Red). or Are you a Centrist (sometimes refered to as...
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    Pointless or Not?

    Turn on the Television and what do you see? Apart from stupid, laughing, souless plastic reporters who defile our eyes and churn ot Fascist or Socialist propaganda, you will definately hear something about suffering, sickness or misery. So, with a multitude of religions/ideologies trying to...
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    Women in Modern War.

    Women already serve in several War Machines around the world including the USA, EU/ NATO, Russia, Israel, Thailand, Turkey, Australia and a few others. However only in Australia, Sweden and Israel (from what I have heard) are women allowed to serve in all heavy duty roles such as infantry...
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    What colour do you find most attractive in others?

    What hair colour do you find most alluring in other peoples? Personally I'm a sucker for brown, black and dark red haired women...
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    Orgasm of Iran, Nightmare of the West, Toys of the Desperate. Nuclear Weapons.

    1945 was the dawn of the Atomic Age. Nuclear weapons gave one the power of divine-proportions, levelling cities and wiping out armies in one blinding flash. By 1949, nuclear weapons were available to two Superpowers the USSR and the USA. By 2009 however, the Nuclear Club expanded to China...