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    The Burqa

    The whole point of liberalism (the real one, not the Fox news version of liberalism) is that people should be free to live their lives how they wish. If we go down the path of banning clothing in public, we become no better than the Iranian mullahs, Saudi religious police and adherents of bin...
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    Should we invest in seasteading?

    Can't libertarians just buy unused cruise ships; refurbish and expand them, set up supply and maintenance links and have several floating and moving villages that way? As for the logistics of city life, food, water and energy etc, may I remind people that we already can and do build stable and...
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    Laïcité and Middle-Easterners in France.

    I'm sure, oh wise and all knowing one, that you have the answers? @OP: Until Europeans reach a total fertility rate of at least 2.10 children per woman, you need immigration to replace workers who die/ retire. Except for the usual security issues, the state has no right to tell it's...
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    Is there a race double standard in the media?

    So, according to you, 'white' people don't face any racism?
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    The Gender Double Standard

    OMG, really? wow, that's just fail.
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    The Gender Double Standard

    I wouldn't say I would be eager to go to war, however I accept it as a possible condition for being here. Biological factors must be taken on the chin; I'm not looking forward to aging, but it will happen. Also, this era is has plenty of options to avoid pregnancy. Women can build up their...
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    Video game violence?

    Prepare for your argument to be ignored by authoritarian types (throughout society) who think the common folk are too stupid to discern the difference between reality and VR and that they need government to tell the masses how to think. Yes, there are indeed effects such as role-modelling and a...
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    Freedom of Speech

    We here in the Western world enjoy a variety of rights and freedoms. One of them is the freedom to say what one wants without fear of reprisal. Unless you deny the holocaust in Germany or swear in public in the Australian state of Victoria. Ultiamtely, this debate is should freedom of speech...
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    Video game violence?

    I like it how failure of some parents cause others to feel it's acceptable for government to dictate what shouldn't be allowed to be seen by the masses.
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    The Gender Double Standard

    How is that trolling? If women do want full equality, they should then undertake ALL jobs and responsibilities that men do. Also, women are, generally speaking, physically weaker than men. Men develop muscle mass in puberty, women do not. Obviosuly, there be exceptions, but they are just that...
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    The Gender Double Standard

    Yeah, it's like that in my nation too.
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    Definition vs. Common Usage

    lol. All this is well said. Also, you're right with the 'yes/no' bit; what is with people and Manichean scenarios?
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    Definition vs. Common Usage

    Languages change all the time, words change meaning to. It's annoying because one word could mean different things in different same-language speaking countries. Liberal, for example, is an adjective of liberalism; the ideology that individuals have certain rights and that no person has more...
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    Libya conflict,and the western involvement.

    It's over, or at least G-man's regime is. Now time to see what the new government will be.
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    Describe the pokemon above.

    A cool Pogerman, one of the better Pogermanz in Unova. Mudkip.
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    Say a move that the above poster could know!

    Splash. Oh, how original.
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    Rate The Avatar Above You. (Rule update. 01.09.14)

    07 / 10: Electivire is so Sinnoh degree of out of date.
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    Is there a race double standard in the media?

    Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. Yeah, you're right on the flawed comparison.
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    Billionaire To Create His Own Libertarian Country

    Obvious troll is obvious. <sigh> I yearn for the days when Satfire333 was the antagonist. The state will feel threatened when/ if this works. I guess this possible 'Libertania' raises the question, how legitimate is it to just make a nation? Can people or a person just found a country on a...
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    Is there a race double standard in the media?

    As I alluded to, some will not appreciate the contempt of the word, others wont care and as you say, some wont even know they are being insulted.