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    Sceptile Card

    I'll consider that. Thanks.
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    Pikachu Card

    Thanks! Here's a fixed version of the card. Other fixes have been made too. New Pikachu Card
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    Pikachu Card

    Here's the cards text: Pokepower - Magnetic field Whenever you want, before you attack, you may remove one metal energy from your discard pile and attach it to your active Pokemon. Attack 1 - Battery Power This attack does 10 extra damage for every Pokemon on your Bench. Attack 2 -...
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    Pikachu Card

    Could you inform me of the errors and how to fix them.
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    Sceptile Card

    I did! Check the Pikachu card thread!
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    Pikachu Card

    Thanks everyone!
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    Sceptile Card

    Thanks, I'll Check into the 'energy order'!
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    Should there be a 3rd Colosseum or XD for the wii?

    I think they need to make an XD sequal because you never know what pokemon they might package into the game.
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    Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald?

    Emerald. You can catch both Kyogre and Groudon, and you can rebattle the gym leaders.
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    Most hacked team you,ve faced on random wi-fi

    The most hacked team I've faced (that I could tell was hacked) was a team with a Darkrai before it was released anywhere!
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    How often do you see ubers?

    In almost every Wi-Fi battle I face at least 1 uber.
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    Your Biggest Chains with the Pokeradar.

    My best was 3 with bidoof. I know, it sucks.
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    Metagross vs. Spiritomb

    I would go with Metagross because I'm more of an offensive trainer.
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    Welcome, Rucarilu!
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    I hope you enjoy your stay here!
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    Hello, serebii!

    Welcome, speh101!
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    I'm new... But not new to pokemon

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay!
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    Hail and well met!

    Welcome to the forums, Paladin! Read the rules and have fun!
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    I would just use a pokeball too.
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    Pikachu Card

    I'll try to remember that next time. Thanks!