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  1. pacman000

    Roller Coaster Tycoon, & Similar Games

    I've enjoyed the RCT games since I got a copy for my 9th, 10th, or 11th birthday, so here's a thread for them. Share memories, stories, ideas, designs, parks, etc. You can also post stuff from Theme Park, No Limits, Parkitect, etc.
  2. pacman000


    Post quotes from Anime. Format: “Quote” Series, Episode I’ll start: “I feel beat & I’m not even part of that generation.” -Speed Racer, Race Around the World (Part 1)
  3. pacman000

    Stop Motion?

    Something I've wondered for a few weeks, can an anime be done in stop motion? I say yes, but I'd like to hear your thoughts.
  4. pacman000

    Theme Parks

    I like theme & amusement parks, so here's a thread about them, for information, videos, memories, plans, etc. If you like them too please post here! Info on Walt Disney's plan to build an indoor theme park in St. Louis, back in the 60's. Fell through when Walt & the city of St. Louis couldn't...
  5. pacman000

    New SNK Console?

    https://www.pcmag.com/news/snk-is-launc ... le-in-2021 Read of this in AtariAge's forum, & thought it sounded interesting. Thoughts?
  6. pacman000

    When did you start Playing Video Games?

    I started in the mid-to late 90's, but I started playing on an Atari 2600.
  7. pacman000


    I don't know if there's much to say here, but the video is still important. Might be cool for animation.
  8. pacman000

    Happy Halloween!

    Did the Great Pumpkin bring you anything? Any Spooky Plans?
  9. pacman000

    Chargeman Ken

    RetroCrush put the first episode on YouTube as a promotion... Not as bad as I've heard, but too rushed. Most of those old 5-minute daily cartoons were serialized, or comedies; this tried to tell a complete action/adventure story, & they didn't have enough time to develop the plot. Also, if...
  10. pacman000

    Monster Rancher Discussion

    Well, TMS put the entire dubbed series on YouTube awhile back, so I watched the first episode. Wasn't bad; I liked the main character's passion for the Monster Battle game he played, & the dinosaur creatures which chased them later on were cool. Anyone remember this? In my area it was scheduled...
  11. pacman000

    Old Pokémon Documentary

    Found this on YouTube. It appears to be someone's home movie, documenting all the Pokémon stuff from the late 90's. Starts with a basic history of the series, followed by interviews with kids, clips from the news, etc.
  12. pacman000

    PokeShipping (Ash x Misty)

    Credit: https://serebii.net/anime/pictures/indigo/020ps12.shtml PokeShipping - Ash & Misty as a couple. I saw the old thread died, & that made me sad. Perhaps it's been too long since the first series. Nevertheless, I think there's still enough to talk about, so here's a new thread. I'll...
  13. pacman000

    The Classic Pokemon Page

    https://websitering.neocities.org/pkmn/menu.htm I made this last year, & brought it back online last month. Been working on it this week, & I decided to share it here. Plain HTML, Table-Based layout, most of the graphics created by me. Obviously, screen shots belong to Nintendo, Gamefreak...
  14. pacman000

    Pockemon - A Pokemon Spoof

    Pockemon-A Pokemon Spoof (The word "Pockemon" was an early attempt to combine "Pocket" and "Monster" into a single word. It was briefly used in Japan.) Scene I (Ash enters Oak's lab.) Oak: You're late! Ash: I am? I thought I set my clock... Oak: Of course you're late! You got...
  15. pacman000

    Flickr Sold; Terms Changing

    "You retain all intellectual property rights in and to any User Content you post, upload or otherwise make available through the Services, including the copyright in and to your photos and videos. SmugMug does not claim any ownership, right, title or interest in and to your User Content...
  16. pacman000

    The Atari Thread

    Found this yesterday: http://jwcody.tripod.com/Goodbye I've been a big Atari fan for years, so I found it interesting. Some one at AtariAge found a better version: http://www2.hawaii.edu/~gkomatsu/Text/don1
  17. pacman000

    Digital Press Gone

    Not sure where to put this, but it seems important, so: Digital Press, DigitPress.com, went offline this weekend without too much ceremony. Some folks in their forum may move the forums and some of the website's content to another domain. From the late 90's to just last week DP offered FAQs...
  18. pacman000

    Crash Bandicoot!

    This was a favorite series of mine on the PlayStation. Anyone else have fond memories of these games?
  19. pacman000

    Yellow Version Opinion?

    If I remember correctly, when Yellow version came out, it was more popular than the other two games. Now, skimming this thread, that seems to have changed. Anyone know why? Or is Yellow still popular?
  20. pacman000

    Speed Racer

    Does anyone here like Speed Racer? Sure the animation and dubbing is dated, but it's still fun. Any thoughts?