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  1. DuskAstral

    What kind of Pokémon stuff do you have?

    I have: - Umbreon mascot - Trading Card Game - mug with "Pokémon Go" - bedding with Dialga - a small towel made of Pikachu
  2. DuskAstral

    What annoys you about the show?

    - While Journeys is intended to promote all regions, most of the action still takes place in Kanto - Satoshi's Rowlet did not evolve - no gym trials (as in the manga) - no characters like Moon, Blaise, Rosa and White - no variation in appearance for Team Galactic and Team Flare grunts...
  3. DuskAstral

    How big is your card collection?

    At the moment I have 215 cards, including: - 45 Pokémon from Kanto - 68 Pokémon with Johto - 32 Pokémon from Hoenn - 36 Pokémon from Sinnoh - 1 Pokémon from Unova - 1 Alola Pokémon - 2 Pokémon from Galar - 1 regional form from Galar - 2 stadium cards - 10 trainer cards - 13 energy cards - 4...
  4. DuskAstral

    What regional forms would you like to see in the future?

    Considering we received regional Pokémon forms in both Alola and Galar, it may be that they will be permanent. So, are there any Pokémon you'd like to see in this form someday? I would like to see regional forms for Golduck, Growlithe line, Gastly line, Gyarados , Misdreavus line, Houndour...
  5. DuskAstral

    What are your habits in Pokémon games?

    - naming pokémon after favorite characters from different anime (for example: Sakura, Sasuke, Tomura etc.) - catching one Pokémon of each species - frequent selection of the fire starter - rarely changing the main team
  6. DuskAstral

    What else would you like to see in the anime?

    - the departure of Jessie, James, Meowth and Wobbuffet from Team Rocket - The appearance of a disabled Pokémon trainer - James retrieving Cacnea from training (and its evolution in Cacturne) - regions referring to Poland, China, Australia and Norway - the emergence of an organization that wants...
  7. DuskAstral

    Which manga characters did you miss in the anime?

    1. Blaise- I find him an interesting character. I really liked that he could create illusions. It's really a pity that he didn't appear in the anime 2. Team Rocket Elite Trio (Al, Ken and Harry) 3. Daisy Oak - I miss her because as Gary's sister she would bring a breath of fresh air to the...
  8. DuskAstral

    Which Pokemon should be of a different type than the current one?

    1. Charizard- I believe that instead of the flying type, the dragon (especially in appearance) would suit him better 2. Doduo and Dodrio should be pure normal types. Somehow I can't imagine how they can fly 3. The Alolan Exeguttor should be a pure grass type. He doesn't look like a dragon to...
  9. DuskAstral

    Who might the unknown members of Masters 8 be?

    As you know, at the moment we only know three Master 8 members at PWC: Dande, Wataru and Raihan. But who can the rest be? I bet on Cynthia, Mustard, Diantha, Steven and Alder (although it would be fun if Iris were one of the members).
  10. DuskAstral

    Who in the Pokémon universe could you be friends with?

    1. Leon- I like him for being nice and helpful. I very much prefer this trait to others. 2. Raihan- I like him for his interesting personality. I would love to be friends with him. 3. May- I love her being sweet and kind. 4. Tabitha - I like about him that he is loyal and a bit brutal. I...
  11. DuskAstral

    What are your favorite manga and anime shipping?

    1. Leon x Raihan (anime) 2. Jessie i James (Anime) 3. Tabitha x Shelly (anime) 4. Silver x Green 5. Sapphire x Ruby 6. Guzma x Plumeria 7. Sun x Moon 8. Sword x Shield
  12. DuskAstral

    What are you wondering?

    Here we can talk about all the "stuff" about anime Here's mine: 1. Why did Fantina not have a replacement at the Gym during her travels? 2. What could the sleeping quarters in the Crime Organization bases look like? Specifically, I mean whether there was any division or not.
  13. DuskAstral

    How do you imagine your own character in the world of Pokemon?

    Name: Astral Gender: female family region: nothing at all. is actually from another universe. The Pokémon world only visits. Coaching class: Team Magma Scout (until the organization is dissolved)) Goal: to create a residence where former members of criminal organizations could live together...
  14. DuskAstral

    Ranking of criminal organizations

    Tell in what order do you like criminal organizations and why. For me it will be like this: 1st place - Team Magma - I like their uniforms and interesting purpose. I also liked that they were a bit brutal. 2nd place - Team Skull - have an interesting design of a great leader. Rapper style and...