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  1. Applecorp

    Could May/Dawn/Serena have become Top Coordinators by now?

    Eh I'd be ticked off if Serena wins a GF because she's never done a single contest on screen period. So why should she win a whole GF on her first try? But May and/or Dawn winning a GF would make sense.
  2. Applecorp

    Why Don't Pokemon have a crossover episode?

    I hate crossovers. I remember the One Piece and Toriko one - that **** was ridiculous and not in a good way. Sorry but if there's one thing this series has done right it's not rely on cheap crossover antics to increase viewership.
  3. Applecorp

    Is Mewtwo still the strongest Pokemon in anime?

    In the show? Because isn't Arceus a god in the anime or at least the closest thing to one? Minus that time when its plates got stolen and it almost died in some wet cement lol. Did Eternatus do something impressive in its debut episodes that I'm forgetting?
  4. Applecorp

    Pocket Monsters (2019) Pokémon Speculation Thread

    Of course him meeting Infernape won't stop him from getting more Pokemon but the theory about Ash getting at least one new Pokemon per generation probably isn't going to happen. Like even ignoring that I disagree with all of your choices for his next captures I don't see how he could handle 5...
  5. Applecorp

    Thoughts on Journeys

    This series would improve a lot if they did more with Galar and had Ash stay there for longer stretches of time. I know that he's going to go to the Crown Tundra soon and that's cool and all but it shouldn't have taken this long for that place to show up and same goes for the Isle of Armor...
  6. Applecorp

    May 7th: PM2019 065 - Dragon Battle! Satoshi VS Iris!!

    Ash bonds with like pretty much every non-evil Pokemon he meets so him bonding with Lugia just because it kind of looks like a dragon doesn't mean ****. Why do people suddenly want him to jack Iris's goal? Can't she have anything for herself? Why would Ash winning cause outrage? The...
  7. Applecorp

    How/Will Team Rocket reunite with Arbok/Weezing?

    Anything's possible but those two coming back would feel real pointless. Also the writing staff would have to come up with the most convoluted reason for them to pop up since they were last seen in some random filler forest in Hoenn and Team Rocket have no reason to want to go back there.
  8. Applecorp

    Does anyone else feel like anime simply lost something over the years?

    It lost its soul. I know that sounds cliche af but it's true the show just isn't the same anymore. The main problem is Ash and how the writing staff can't seem to figure out what to do with him. Also in the newer sagas starting with Kalos his group of friends bore me so much. I wish Ash had...
  9. Applecorp

    Jessie's Latin America Voice Actor Passed Away

    I have some vague memories of watching the Spanish dub at one point but I can't remember what Jessie's Spanish voice sounded like. Still this is real sad. It's always a darn shame when a voice actor passes away. :(
  10. Applecorp

    Which Pokemon did Ash help the most?

    According to the first post the OP is asking which Pokemon that was weak and miserable Ash raised the best so why would Latias count? Chimchar is the most obvious answer and Charmander too but I always felt Ash put in a lot of hard work making Cyndaquil less pathetic over time too
  11. Applecorp

    Let’s talk about something else: how did you feel about Contests in AG?

    The original contests were alright. Took me a while to get into them but for the most part I didn't have any big issues with Hoenn's contests. I still think the Hoenn contests had better rivals than the Sinnoh ones though. Grace, Solidad, Timmy, Jeremy and the rest were memorable.
  12. Applecorp

    Which League would have been a piece of Cake if Ash brought back his previous Pokémon?

    The Sinnoh league would've been easier for Ash but I think Tobias still would've beaten him if his whole team was full of legendaries. And honestly what would be the fun in watching Ash win easily anyway?
  13. Applecorp

    Who's the strongest companion in the series?

    Oh come on how can anyone objectively consider Lillie to be the strongest companion? She barely battled to start with and she only had one Pokemon during most of Sun and Moon before she got that broken down Magearna that never did anything. And saying that we can't prove who is strongest makes...
  14. Applecorp

    So far, how would you rate Journeys?

    Lol nice joke. If you think Gary, Iris, Infernape and whichever other characters returning for like 1 episode apiece is going to change the momentum of this series then you're in for a rude awakening. I'm giving this series a 2/5 because so far it's sucked. What I hate the most is that Ash's...
  15. Applecorp

    Favorite First Catch (Ash’s Friends)

    I guess Lillie getting Snowy was handled the best but I liked when May caught her Wurmple because I thought it was one of the cutest Bug Pokemon ever. :D
  16. Applecorp

    Your favorites Goh's Pokémon?

    Cinderace, Aerodactyl and Sobble. Sucks that many of his other mons don't appear enough so we won't get to know them better.
  17. Applecorp

    What is the strongest Pokémon in Journeys? (Forget the fact that lucario appears twice)

    Dragonite but Lucario is getting closer. Just a couple more wins against strong trainers and I'll consider him Ash's new main powerhouse. :D
  18. Applecorp

    What do you think of alternate Pokemon anime , like Origins, Generations, and Twilight Wings?

    All of them were too short. Origins had the most hype surrounding it and I remember liking it the most. Twilight Wings was okay but Generations was a missed chance. Instead of Generations being random clips with nothing tying them together that mini series could've had a coherent story with a...
  19. Applecorp

    Did Serena and Clemont even like each other?

    They traveled in the same group through Kalos so yeah they were friends. Serena liked Clemont and Bonnie but of course she was more interested in Ash.
  20. Applecorp

    What is your opinion on Kikuna and Renji (Chrysa and Ren in English Dub) in Pokemon Journeys?

    I don't think of them but I guess it's nice to see assistants who appear in more than just a couple episodes? I like Ren more than the girl but only a little bit.