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    (Rate My First Team) lol pls? ;-;

    My first competitively geared team ever. That may give you an idea of what to expect. The only conditions are that, one, I wouldn´t like to use more than two TMs on one Pokémon due to their rarity and my plans on training many other critters (but do suggest it if you think it´s absolutely...
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    Your Main Goal In Diamond/Pearl

    Poll says it all. What´s your main objective?
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    OOC :: I´m very sorry about the extreme lateness of this RPG--a lot of things have come up at unfortunate times, but all in all there´s no excuse. My apologies to everyone participating. I´m sending PMs to remind everyone about the RPG. Because we don´t yet know our angelic names, it would be...
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    Frozen Garden (Nephilim Discussion)

    Here´s where everyone gets to ask what they´re confused about or simply feel like they need to get more information. I´ve already compiled quite a lot about it, so if you have doubts, you should probably read up first. Before anything else, please remember that everything I´ve outlined here is...
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    Nephilim (M)

    Man, there´s nothing without dragons or animé characters in the sign-up boards these days. Oh, right. WARNING: Nephilim is marked as M due to strong language and violence, as well as disturbing imagery, religious references and possible situations of a sexual nature. All of the aforementioned...
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    As you Start a New Pokémon Game, what´s your Main Goal?

    As you Start a New Pokémon Game, what´s your Main Goal? For that matter, when you turn your version of Pokémon Diamond/Pearl on for the first time, what will be the main objective on your mind? It would be collection for me. Gotta love the cruel zoo of captivated rare species I got in my...
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    Manaphy Ranger Inquiry

    So, as pretty much everyone knows, the password to obtain Manaphy´s egg in Ranger will soon be released. What I want to know is: after getting and transfering a Manaphy egg, if you start a new game, can you do the whole thing over again and get another egg, and so forth? Or is the cartridge...
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    A Theory Regarding Regigigas

    So, based on the legendary golems` background, it is quite obvious that Regigigas is man-made. It seems rather strange that it was made a Normal-Type, though. But if you look at its design, you see a lot of elements. - The vegetation on its shoulders and legs suggests Grass-Type. - Its...
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    Assassins - II [M]

    [NOTE: Currently, all spots in Assassins are reserved for the members who participated in the first incarnation of the RPG, along with one extra spot also reserved for a newcomer. If any of the members previously in the RPG don´t want to participate in it again, a spot for a new sign-up will...
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    Assassins :: All Souls [Discussion]

    This is where all your questions, concerns and comments regarding the RPG Assassins go. I´ll be more than happy to clear up all your doubts. Also. While you´re reading this, let me tell you that I hope you know what you have gotten yourself into. I will not let this RPG die. If you stop...
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    Assassins :: Begins

    [OOC - Once again I apologize for starting this RPG so late, but certain school-related complications came up and I really wanted to make sure that I had everything ready before beginning. With that said, please have fun. EDIT: Started a Discussion Thread.] CODENAME Delphos - Aaron Mycenia...
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    Assassins [M]

    [we have reached a good number of participants -- sign-ups are now closed. LSUs, however, may be accepted in the future, assuming this RPG succeeds.] WARNING: Assassins is an RPG about, bluntly, an organization that recruits young subjects and gives them a chance to rise out of poverty by...
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    So, will the Wii `Break the Barriers`?

    Since the unveiling of Nintendo´s new name for their next-gen console, their motto has been "playing is believing". They explained more than once that what they want to do is unite all kinds of different people, may they be hardcore gamers, their parents or their otherwise uninterested in...
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    Generation by Generation, Degenerating?

    Do you think that the quality of Pokémon over the generations has diminished? It´s true that Nintendo has, for starters, been going back to the same ideas: electric rodents, for one, have made an appearance in every generation, the newest addition being that electric squirrel-thingie. The...
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    Nin´sen Nin´sen is a crossover RPG, with all the characters from Nintendo and its respective third parties. This means that you may sign up as your favorite character. This does not mean that you can go all ´OH LOL UBER BEAM´ on everyone. I still expect good RPGing skills. You don´t need to...
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    Favorite Game Level/Stage/Setting

    Simple. What level, or stage or settting or course or whatnot of a videogame impressed you and is your favorite? Could be a Zelda dungeon, a KHII world, a Mario Kart racing course, a Final Fantasy temple... In my case, it´d be the entire castle from ICO. It´s got an incredible atmosphere.
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    Last Eclipse - The Worlds´ Collapse

    Last Eclipse - The Worlds´ Collapse Due to Lithi´s disappearance for several reasons, I´ve found myself unable to start up the RPG The Ark. --; I´m sorry about that, but I´ll be able to handle this by myself. THE LAST ECLIPSE There are two great kingdoms in existence. The first is the...
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    Tales of Memoria

    First Descendant Avalon Nireije [Yorei] Title: Silent Spiritualist Equipment: Weapon - Iron Snake [Chain] Armor - Access. 1 - Drain Charm Access. 2 - Spirit Bangle Second Descendant Ithell Alem [RaZoR LeAf] Title: Aiding Mage Equipment: Weapon - Sacred Book [Spell Book] Armor -...
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    Tales of Memoria Information & Discussion

    Tales of Memoria Battle Unlike with usual Tales games, the nine characters may participate in a single fight at the same time. However, enemies will often strike from different places, forcing the party to split and combat the two (or sometimes even three) groups. The nine characters...
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    Tales of Memoria [A Tales Series RPG]

    Tales of Memoria If nobody remembers you, then you never existed. It has already been centuries since Labal arose. Labal, an embodiment of Death itself, came out of thin air, and struck before anyone forsaw him, swiftly and mortally. First it was only a rumor in small villages...