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    A wi-fi team

    Well, this is my first try at a fourth generation team. I posted this at Smogon but it was ignored, so that's why it's in a Smogoney layout. I figure stuff like a strategy theme and threats list will be useful here too, so I've left it all in. If I’m talking out of my sensitive areas on anything...
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    How old is Ash??

    The whole "doesn't have a car" issue seems irrelavent to me. For one, we have no information as to the minimum driving age in Pokémon regions (I would assume 18, given that being the driving age in Japan). Secondly, he probably wouldn't even be able to afford one, and even if he could it would...
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    How old is Ash??

    Well, since his first visit to Viridian was perhaps only a day or two after his tenth birthday it's a six and two threes, so to speak.
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    How old is Ash??

    We know he has had at least two birthdays, the first being what Vycksta mentioned and the second being in the Pikachu & Pichu movie short, when Ash mentions it being the anniversary of when they first met (they met on his tenth birthday IIRC). Can anyone remember any more canon stuff?
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    How long have you used Serebii.net and how did you find it?

    I've been using Serebii regularly since 2004, but also recently discovered that I was using it way back in early 2000 as well, having recognised the G/S walkthrough I was using to get through my Japanese copy.
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    Merry Christmas To All!

    ^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ || Merry Christmas Everyone!
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    Review Responses The impact of Dominik's death will be seen in the characters, particularly Roan, throughout. I knew this wasn't going to have too much effect on the reader, but it had to be done and it had to be done then. I did consider having chapter(s) about Amy before the events of C1, but...
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    Just finished it! Chapter 2 – Foul play The Kalian headquarters was and had always been the most technologically advanced institution in Lucidia, typically remaining at least five hundred years ahead of present-day science. Despite the building being the only feature of Chronos Island...
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    Serebii.net Forums in 4 Years

    I'll be 18-19 so in the Sixth Form, then in my gap year/Uni. I hope I'll still be here then, but I doubt I will. In my opinion the members will rise to a peak and then slowly start to fall away as Pokémon becomes less popular, though it isn't likely to do that within four years IMO. Serebii will...
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    I'll say. I found a early hard copy of about half of it, so it's not all bad. EDIT: Plan re-finished, already started writing it.
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    Caption the avatar above you!

    Paint spillages are always a problem.
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    Caption the avatar above you!

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    Heh cheers, and also thanks for the mention in your sig, though you might want to update the link ;) I'm working on chapter two, but my entire plan for that chapter has been erased due to a computer crash (now you know where I get my inspiration for the faulty Chronometers from). Expect a...
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    Everything here is entirely my own work, map included.
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    Thanks guys, now to respond: This is completely unconnected with the old story. I removed animé elements as OCs are generally considered better. There are absolutely no animé or games characters in here, that's a guarantee. When I was talking about this not being a direct remake I was saying...
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    Official New User Name Changing Thread

    Current User Name: Tachyon Desired User Name: Koubagia
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    The Review Club

    Technically this thread is mothballed tomorrow so I'm not breaking the one-month rule just yet ;) Remember Clockrow? Remember how it started to suck, then died? Well, I'm redoing it, in a different version which I hope will cover the flaws of the last one. No banner yet, it's that new, but the...
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    This is a reinvention of the fanfic I did which died back in July. By reinvention I mean total overhaul, keeping basically only certain plot ideas and characters in place. This is set in my own interpretation of the Pokémon world, so if anything contradicts established canon, it's only doing so...
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    SerebiiFORUMS.com Suggestion Thread

    You could at least improve the flitration system so that it doesn't blank out words such as "sniggering".
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    Aww, Peraps move "Chattering" is one of the coolest...

    Picard Tribute Song. Even a line would be hillarious.