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    Sonic The hedgehog fanclub

    Hello and Welcome this club is for anyone who loves The Sonic the hedgehog franchise.You can talk about every medias of Sonic the hedgehog like Games,TV shows,The comics and everything related to Sonic. Sonic the hedgehog was created by Yuji Naka in 1991 for the Sega Genesis and since then...
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    Iris the Dragon master fanclub v4

    Welcome!This is the place where you can chat with other people who are fan of Iris from the 5th Generation of the Pokèmon franchise. In this club you can talk about Iris, Share picture of her, graphics you made about her,etc. A biography of Iris Iris is a character that was...
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    What are your thoughts on Dawn character

    What do you think of Dawn as a character? what thing did you enjoy and think executed well for her character and what flaw did her character have? I'm going to post mine later so share your thoughts.