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  1. Xionea

    Warning: European versions of ORAS may be failing

    Oh really? I didn't know that. I knew the 3DS was still region locked so I figured it was under the same format as home consoles, so I guess PAL region would have been more accurate to say. My bad.
  2. Xionea

    Warning: European versions of ORAS may be failing

    Format used in games in Europe, Australia, and some areas around them.
  3. Xionea

    What Pokemon Teams did you have on your Gen 6 playthroughs? Any good memories?

    Y: Greninja Meowstic (F) Klefki Sylveon Goodra Yveltal Meowstic ended up being my favorite Pokemon in the game and I ended up using her almost exclusively. She had some ridiculous coverage and overleveled (got her from a wifi trade cause I was not having any luck finding an Espurr of my own)...
  4. Xionea

    For those who prefer the paired versions over the third version, what are the reasons you prefer them?

    I generally prefer the 3rd version over the others, but I think Sun and Moon are better than USUM from a story perspective. I was super disappointed that they removed the Lusamine Ultra Beast mode fight in USUM entirely, I love that storyline and that battle. USUM is better in most other things...
  5. Xionea

    Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon HELP THREAD

    Ah, I figured as much. Thank you
  6. Xionea

    Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon HELP THREAD

    Can't really find a good place for this question, but this seems like the best spot. Can I take a Pokemon from USUM, put them in Pokemon Bank, and then take them out in ORAS or XY, assuming that the Pokemon, moveset, and any other conditions fit into the previous game?
  7. Xionea

    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

    Yesterday I decided I wanted to hunt for a shiny Spinda. I used to have one but I traded it away a few years ago. So I reset my Omega Ruby (I wanted to play through it again so this was a good opportunity) and made it up to the Spinda route and grabbing a Sweet Scent user to start horde hunting...
  8. Xionea

    Looking For Diancie, Shiny Tapus and Trading Events, Shinies, and Apri-Balls in Exchange

    I have an OCT2014 Diancie I'd be willing to trade for your Zarude
  9. Xionea

    What's the story behind your avatar?

    Wanted to represent Hololive's best girl Pekora while also sporting some Pokemon at the same time.
  10. Xionea

    It's an episode from the Sun and Moon anime. Couldn't tell you which episode it's from...

    It's an episode from the Sun and Moon anime. Couldn't tell you which episode it's from unfortunately. I thiiiink it's when they went to visit the Pikachu Paradise
  11. Xionea

    How long have you been a Pokémon fan for?

    I have a few memories that I would classify as my "first memory" since I have no idea which came first, but I'm guessing they were around the same time and I had to have been like 4 or 5 at the time, probably my oldest memories too. I remember having a single Haunter Pokemon card, the original...
  12. Xionea

    Least favourite Pokemon of each generation

    Gen 1. Raticate. Ugly rat. Gen 2. Piloswine. What even is it? Gen 3. Lombre. Definitely got the short end of the stick compared to the rest of the evolution line. Gen 4. Kricketot. Bide, poor exp, not even cute, lame. Gen 5. Tympole. That creepy human-like face. Gen 6. Diggersby. Dirty...
  13. Xionea

    Most annoying regional layouts in any game?

    Sinnoh by far. It's not so much the layout, but rather the artificial slow down of the game. 1. Snow. Trekking through the northern part of the map only for the snow to slow your movement, preventing you from running or biking, was horrendous. Glad it was only a small portion of the overall...
  14. Xionea

    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

    Had some ridiculous shiny luck in my Shield version these past couple days. Went to the Isle of Armor to grab Max Mushrooms and decided to catch some Pokemon while searching that I hadn't registered in my dex yet. I random encountered a shiny Azumarill, very happy with that since it's a...
  15. Xionea

    Pokemon Home

    Stamina system seems really pointless. Why artificially limit the amount of Pokemon you can transfer like that? Well, let's be real. You can restore the energy with coins, and Niantic knows people are gonna spend money on that. Also I love that you can't transfer Spinda lol.
  16. Xionea

    Pokémon Masters Discussion Thread

    Anyone know if Lusamine is a good unit? I got lucky and pulled her in my first 10 scout, so I'm trying to decide if I should try a couple more times for more of her or continue to horde gems and wait for Lillie and Gladion
  17. Xionea

    Pokémon Masters Discussion Thread

    They're adding another login Stamina bonus for the new content lmao. If they have to keep giving people stamina to play the game then maybe they should increase the stamina a little more...
  18. Xionea

    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    Coding or philosophical? Coding: yes. Philosophically: It depends. Does a Pokemon "decide" when it wants to be caught? The anime has shown cases where the Pokemon retaliate against attempting to being caught, but the anime has also depicted hostility or distaste in the Pokemon even after it...
  19. Xionea

    ~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]

    Unite doesn't look exciting to me. Probably one of the only Pokemon games I'll never bother trying to play since I'm not a fan of mobas. I really don't think it needed its own presentation, but I'm sure Tencent paid some big money to have it revealed by itself lol. The reveal video is currently...
  20. Xionea

    Smash Brothers for Nintendo Switch (and others)

    I believe Spring Man had just as good of odds as any other character Arms could have provided despite being an Assist Trophy already. The simplest solution to it would be to disable Assist Trophy Spring Man from spawning from the Assist Trophy when DLC Spring Man is chosen for a fight. Certain...