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    Community POTW #075

    Coverage Moves: Heat Crash- Grass, Steel Bulldoze, Stomping Tantrum, Earthquake, Superpower, Body Press- Steel
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    Community POTW #074

    Good Coverage Moves: Any Electric move- Water (Heat) Stored Power- Fighting (Frost) & Poison (Mow) Hex, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse- Ghost (Normal) Mud-slap- Fire (Frost & Mow) & Ground (Frost & Fan)
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    Community POTW #073

    You have 3 stats with 252 EVs. I assume HP is meant to have 4
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    Community POTW #072

    I don’t think Crunch is the best choice here. Zacian doesn’t need Dark coverage, especially as a Fairy type. Its only advantage is hitting Ghost types for neutral damage. I think Ice Fang for Ground seems like a better option.
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    Community POTW #072

    Is Zacian really on par with Mega Rayquaza? Smogon lists its Crowned Sword form in the AG tier, which was the Mega Rayquaza tier. Good Coverage Moves: Dig- Fire (Poison, Steel) Ice Fang- Ground Psycho Cut, Psychic Fangs- Poison Sacred Sword, Close Combat, Brick Break, Fire Fang- Steel
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    Community POTW #071

    Good Coverage Moves: Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Stone Edge- Fire, Flying Bulldoze, Earthquake, High Horsepower- Fire Ice/Thunder Punch- Flying Iron Head, Poison Jab, Gyro Ball(?)- Fairy Payback, Darkest Lariat- Ghost For Bug STAB, use Lunge or Leech Life. The latter is better for a more bulky set...
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    Community POTW #070

    Why did it lose Extreme Speed? Good Coverage Moves: Iron Tail- Ice, Fairy Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Brick Break, Superpower- Ice Focus Blast and Sludge Wave as special options.
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    Community POTW #069

    The worse of the two apple dragons. Appletun’s biggest problem is a complete lack of coverage on the special side. Its G-Max form is also only good in doubles
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    Community POTW #067

    For the Galarian Form, Steel Wing is also an option for the last move. It does the same job as Blaze Kick, and also covers Fairy as well.
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    Community POTW #067

    Good Coverage Moves: Kantonian Form- Ancient Power, Heat Wave- Ice Weather Ball (Rain)- Rock (+ Ground) Steel Wing (physical)- Ice and Rock Galarian Form- Stomping Tantrum- Electric Steel Wing- Ice, Fairy U-Turn, Throat Chop- Psychic (too fast for Payback/Assurance) Blaze Kick- Ice Blaze...
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    Community POTW #066

    Is it a good idea to run both Psystrike and Psychic (or some other psychic attack)? That way, you have a STAB attack that targets physical and special defense. Just curious
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    Community POTW #064

    Honestly, I use a similar set on the Obstagoon I used on my main team (after switching its ability), though using Night Slash instead (since I caught it rather than breeding one). Arguably Obstagoon’s biggest weakness is a complete inability to counter Fighting types, which is a quad weakness...
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    Community POTW #063

    Ah yes, the bane of X/Y. While Stealth Rocks have hindered a lot of Pokémon, the change to Gale Wings in ORAS really hurt Talonflame’s viability. You either need to have a method of dealing with the rocks beforehand, or run Roost to bring its health back up. (Since you will not be at full...
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    Community POTW #061

    This is a weird one. Based on its unique move and one of its abilities, Comfey seems geared to be a Grass-type/Grassy Terrain supporter. You could focus solely on one or combine the two, given that its best partners are Rillaboom and Tapu Bulu (since both have Grassy Surge). I would also say...
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    Community POTW #060

    So Azumarill is kind of weird. With higher Special Attack, it appears to be a special attacker, or potentially a mixed attacker given how close the two are (kind of like Blaziken). However, Huge Power firmly places it as a physical attacker, which is also bolstered by Sap Sipper (one of the few...
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    Community POTW #058

    Hex set: Galarian Slowking Ability: Regenerator Item: Leftovers (or anything to improve bulk) -Hex -Yawn/Thunder Wave -Sludge Bomb/Scald -Psychic/Psyshock/Scald Bold or Calm Nature EV’s: 252 HP/252 SATK/4 DEF or SpDEF Due to having slightly higher Special Attack and access to Hex, Galarian...
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    Community POTW #056

    Good Coverage Moves: Rock Slide, Rock Tomb- Fire, Ice, Flying Bug Dig, Stomping Tantrum- Fire, Poison Acrobatics (only if using a consumable item)- Fighting, Bug Iron Tail- Ice, Fairy Hammer Arm, Brick Break, Close Combat, Superpower- Ice One thing to note is that due to Zarude’s high speed...
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    Community POTW #055

    Cramorant has even Attack and Special Attack stats, so you can have it go in either direction. This also helps with the fact that you can then choose either Dive or Surf for its ability. While Surf is a pretty good move, Dive is somewhat subpar, which it needs to use otherwise it effectively has...
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    Community POTW #054

    Good Coverage Moves: Ancient Power- Fire, Ice, Flying, Bug Earth Power- Fire Aura Sphere- Ice, Dark Dual Wingbeat- Bug Shadow Ball- Ghost Pollen Puff, Dazzling Gleam; U-Turn- Dark Just a reminder that Magic Coat is transfer-only. Celebi has access to Leaf Blade (for some reason), which has...
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    Community POTW #053

    I don’t think its bad Special Defense is as big of an issue as you are making it out to be. Yes it is bad in comparison to Dialga, but Steel/Dragon is weak to Fighting and Ground, which are both physically-oriented types. Duraladon’s Defense is only slightly lower than Dialga’s. One of...