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    ...lolwut? (master rank...)

    i just made it to ultra rank (15000 or something points) and now my "to next level" says 62567... WTH?!?! it was going up in increments of 1000, then 2000, then 3000, ect... now it jmps from 5 thousand to 65 thousand!?! anyoen else get this? bah... i dont feel like working towards that... i...
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    IQ question (probobly only guide havers can answer this)

    oops! double post. *pming mods to lock*
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    IQ question (probobly only guide havers can answer this)

    im curious, my IQ of my empoleon is 6.5 currently, and in the stratagy guide thread, i saw three skills i desperately want- absolute mover (10*s) time tripper (9.5*s) and quick striker (7.5*s) im wondering- which of those skills will my empoleon acctually learn on is IQ climb? a quick...
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    darkrai's recruitment rate?

    id like to know, because im having a tough time recruitign him. i am level 58, killing him with a move, and i am the super rank. any suggestions? he is showing up on my recruitment search, so it must be possible. (also, i think he always appears on the floors serebii has listed. ive tried 5+...
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    what... no evolution still? (huge end mission spoinlers)

    i just cleared the darkrai mission, and i found, with great distaste, that i still cannot evolve. aparrantly, the rip in space cannot be gotten rid of, and so I, nor my partner, cannot evolve. its dissapointing. anyone else annoyed by this?
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    wow... huge AI downgrade in pmd2.

    at least on the good side it is. this is why i cant stand the "you and your partner only" plot missions. the AI that controls your partner is STUPID!! always, my partner turtwig gets himself killed by attacking protected foes or trying to take on a monster house head on, before i can even tell...
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    does the storage limit ever go away?

    i hate having a maximum number of items for the bank, mine has alreayd filled up twice T.T the large treasure bag is nice, but i'd trade it for unlimited storage anyday...
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    are EB games preorders still open for MD2?

    i am, unfortunately, uninformed on this subject, and i need to know by the end of tonight because i may be preordering it tommorow if the preorders are open. i cannot call to check today because it is a sunday, and i was away earlier T.T it must be EB games canada. help is appreceated!