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    Create a Dungeon! V.1

    dimensional rift 99F your strongest 98 recruited pokemon appear, swarming a floor each. (legends are unrecruitable in this dungeon, other than arceus) unlock criteria- recruit 98 pokemon, finish all storyline landscape- changes to best suit whichever pokemon is on the floor boss: arceus...
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    errrr... zero island WEST B38 floor... im so close to the amber tear!! i can send a tm, or one of my boxes as a reward... please rescue! oops, the code- %TTQ&Q &7WPQR 8CW2TW yt6&3+ R%RXPM 29RYP= 7@@@S- H+5SR1 HK=-NH please, a quick rescue would be nice, but i understand this...
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    ...lolwut? (master rank...)

    i just made it to ultra rank (15000 or something points) and now my "to next level" says 62567... WTH?!?! it was going up in increments of 1000, then 2000, then 3000, ect... now it jmps from 5 thousand to 65 thousand!?! anyoen else get this? bah... i dont feel like working towards that... i...
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    Dungeons Easier?

    you need the secret slab/ mystery part. i think.
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    Dungeons Easier?

    yes. the only 99F one is a level one dungeon... and the next longest has a restriction (ZI North) but the yseem more challanging.
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    PMD2 Help Thread (Possible Spoilers)

    do a few missions and unlock marine resort. beat that, and then it should unlock.
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    IQ question (probobly only guide havers can answer this)

    ... really? ... *stops training* that sucks. stupid IQ groups, they ruined the system... absolute mover should be a standard one... whatever. and there isnt any way to get any of those skills onto my empoleon?
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    IQ question (probobly only guide havers can answer this)

    oops! double post. *pming mods to lock*
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    IQ question (probobly only guide havers can answer this)

    im curious, my IQ of my empoleon is 6.5 currently, and in the stratagy guide thread, i saw three skills i desperately want- absolute mover (10*s) time tripper (9.5*s) and quick striker (7.5*s) im wondering- which of those skills will my empoleon acctually learn on is IQ climb? a quick...
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    The Mystery Dungeon 2 Strategy Guide

    nice guide! veyr good compilation of the information... but i have a question. do you know what pokemon can learn what IQ skills? and if so,can empoleon learn absolute mover, quick striker and time tripper? i would love it if you coudl answer ^.^ (btw, thanks for the recruitment...
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    PMD2 Help Thread (Possible Spoilers)

    for munchlax? quick seed, violent seed. if he can, teahc him blizzard. you will most likely kill all of the minions in two blizzards, and the nyou can take him out with a sleep seed or something.
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    PMD2 Help Thread (Possible Spoilers)

    quick seed first turn. then, quick seed on partner. range attack the all with dual or trio linked moves. if you have darkness, a violent seed might help.
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    A question regarding wonder mail...

    event legends? i think that other than the gabite one, all the event ones disappear after clicking "take job"... my giratina one did that, and now i have the world abyss unlocked.
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    PMD: Purity Forest:Whats your pokemon???

    lol, alakazam. i got lucky and found a warp scarf. all 99F done in one try.
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    darkrai's recruitment rate?

    really? ill just wait for a golden mask wondermail code, thanks... dotn feel like trying it when i could go after others instead. thansk though!
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    Anyone have any PMD2 legendaries yet?

    dialga, palkia, manaphy, phione, azelf, and i am now going after uxie.
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    If you have gotten very far...

    all pokemons nicknames can change after evolving ;) but your starters take a LOOOONG time to evolve.
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    PMD2 Help Thread (Possible Spoilers)

    i think that means that you havent beaten chap. 10, correct?
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    PMD2 Wonder Mail Code Thread

    no. if you have the item, the pokemon will always be there. Ive found darkrai like, 50 times out of 50 in miracle sea. he is never not there. which leads me to believe they are always there.
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    Recruitment Rate Much Lower?

    that seems liek my situation. cept for darkrai... he is a pain in the !@$#...