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  1. SneaselClaw

    Planned White team pre-E4

    Planned out my team for my first White playthrough and looking for some help, especially with a good 6th member. Carracosta (Crush) Solid Rock @Leftovers Crunch Aqua Tail Rock Slide Earthquake Decided to play to his strengths, rather than try and compensate for his lack of speed by...
  2. SneaselClaw

    Breeding at Oak's?

    Just a little theory that's been on my mind, but does anyone else find it weird that none of Ash's Pokemon have bred at Oak's lab? It's understandable while he's doing his "I'm only taking Pikachu to start out a region" thing. But what if Gen 5 brings in a pre-evo or new evo for one of his...
  3. SneaselClaw

    Rate my Leaf Green Team

    This team does involve traded Pokemon: Shiftry lvl 48 Ability: Early Bird Rock Tomb Synthesis Shadow Ball Solarbeam Salamence lvl 50 Ability: Intimidate Dragonbreath Bite Fly Headbutt Steelix lvl 59 Ability: Rock Head Iron Tail Double-Edge Crunch Dragonbreath Sneasel lvl...