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    Do you root for your Pokemon?

    Today while playing White I noticed that I was telling my Emboar to not faint while it took an Air Slash from Altaria. I felt rather stupid at that cause it sounded a little idiotic(maybe just me) but then I realized that once in a while I do it. So, my question to you people, do you root for...
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    Pokemon Joke Thread

    As evident from the title here we put out favorite Pokemon jokes. Rules: 1. Restrict yourself to using only English and Japanese names. 2. Don't go on saying that joke was funny without posting anything on your own. You can post small joke, short story(with Pokemon names) and fun fact...
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    Favorite Ash(region wise)

    There is a relatively same thread at BMGf so I thought making one in here. We have four poll options in here as opposed to a simple thread where you just post your view. Let me give a brief intro about all of them: Kanto and OI Ash\noob Ash\turning hat back Ash\Funny Ash: The starting ash as we...
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    What happens to the Champion?

    Last Sunday I was leveling up my Pearl team while fighting with E4 when I thought of a question. Well we can fight with E4 numerous time. But actually what happens to the Champion after we have defeated her\him. There are two options: 1) Either s\he becomes a E4 member (then what happens to...
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    Will you still watch?

    **I am not character bashing.** **This thread is against no one.** If next region Ash leaves the group and Dawn stays for the contest and main male protagonist of games takes the job of challenging the gym leaders and then league, Will you watch the Anime in that case?
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    9 most famous person in Anime Spoilers.

    Well I wanted to make a poll for this just to know who is the most famous person on Sppf Anime spoilers. I had a talk with a MOD and he\she said that after becoming a MOD they don't get time post and they lose there fame. So the person who comes at the first position will most likely never...
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    Will Flint appear?

    I don't know if this is right place but still I don't think it belong anywhere else. As we all know Paul has won all Eight badge. So if in case he hasn't won an anime exclusive gym badge then he must have defeated Volkner. So unlike games Volkner won't behave like he does in games(bored cause...
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    What if some of Paul's old rivals are participating in league too?

    As we are getting closer to the sinnoh league I was thinking what if some of Paul's old rival (who defeated Paul before) are also participating in league too? And they are also strong like Paul? Maybe this will help in outlining Paul's character more. And best thing would be Ash getting chance...
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    A New Type v2.0

    I made this thread in gen 4 discussion and that thread was closed. So I am making the same thread in its proper location. Same Question : If you could add one more elemental type to pokemon games what it would be? I would go with light type. It would be super effective against dark and ghost...
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    A New Type

    Well the question is simple. If you could add one more elemental type to pokemon games what it would be? I would go with light type. It would be super effective against dark and ghost type and week against normal type(just random). What type would you suggest?
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    What's the difference

    In dp132 (Ash and Paul full course battle part 2) Paul just make Ash look as a Beginner in front of others. Ash lost to Paul with a score of 4-0. Ash lost badly but there was difference in Ash and Paul pokemon fighting. Paul's pokemon took major hit but still were fighting while Ash's pokemon...
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    Where will Grand Festival take place this time?

    Since Dawn is going to win fifth ribbon soon, I was thinking where will thesinnoh Grand festival take place? It could take place at Hearthrome city contest hall(most speculated) or at resort area. So what do u people think?
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    Will Chimchar be able to control Blaze before evolution?

    Well as Ash and Paul are going to have a full course battle some people here are saying that Chimchar will evolve in middle of battle while some are saying that it will evolve before the battle maybe in dp130. So main thing now is BLAZE. Will it be able to control blaze before it evolves or not...
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    Will Paul use his regular team in the sinnoh league

    Well we all know that Paul has participated in Kanto, Johto and Hoenn league before coming back to his native place. And it is obvious that Paul caught some powerful pokemon in those regions. And it has been revealed that Paul ahs got a Hariyama( which might belong to Hoenn). So do u still think...
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    Does Fire Fang = Bastiodon Defeat

    As in DP106 Gliscor learns Fire Fang and sixth gym is on the way so do u think Gliscor will star the gym. Chimchar has already got its gym last time so do u think its Gliscor moment of limelight?
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    What would Ash do next?

    The poll is about Ash journey after sinnoh saga.
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    Everything Changes

    Prior to DP100 everyone was saying DP series is going exactly similar to that of Kanto. Ash caught Turtwig and Chimchar in same fashion as that of Bulbasaur and Charmander. Ash got a rival in the starting of the journey (Paul) just like Gary. Ash caught a pokemon who belong to same species to...
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    Ash & Co.'s Pokemon New attack v2.0

    The old popular thread is back (cause I didn't wanted to revive the the old one) with new happenings. We are again talking about Ash's pokemon new attacks and this time we will talk about Dawn's and Brock's Pokemon too. So here are my assumptions. Ash's Pikachu - Feint (or something tahts not...
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    Wasn't Totodile supposed to be in Contests.

    I was just watching some old pokemon johto episodes and yesterday I saw Love Totodile style and Totodile was performing like a professional contest Pokemon. So now a question arises that if totodile will ever return will it take part in contest with Ash or the coordinator traveling with Ash. I...
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    Will we see Infernape in sinnoh?

    This is not a Next pokemon thread . In Johto the fire starter evolved form was Typhlosion and we were not able to see it in whole of the johto and after Johto in Rustboro gym it was shown fighting a feraligatr. In hoenn the fire starter evolved form was Blaziken and it was not shown in hoenn...