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    Silver's Video Game Remixes

    I write pokemon remixes using FL Studio and a TON of free/demo synthesizers and soundfonts I found across the web. My most recent one, a old G/S/C remix, is probably my favourite. According to my sister it's very creepy sounding. I've been on a short hiatus from remixing, so I'll only be...
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    Silver's Animated sprites, custom sprites, and everything else~

    Hello there! I make custom sprites, altered fusions/characters/cosplays, and many other things. The thread is about almost everything art related I've ever done. Most of these sprites were requested by people. If you would like to see a certain sprite, VM/PM me. I'm always open to those...
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    Silverwind's Graphic Shop

    ~-----------------------Welcome!-----------------------~ IMPORTANT THINGS: 1) -Follow all Serebii Forum and Art Shop rules here. 2) -If you use our work off of Serebii, please give credit and link back to this page. 3) No matter where you use our stuff, you must always give credit to us! 4)...
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    Hi there! My name is Silver, And I just joined the SPP forums 'cause I was looking for other pokemon fans. xD I like the older games better than the new ones, (Although Zoroark is my personal fave of all time~ 83) I am like to review writing, I'm a artist, (In a sense, but recolouring/editing a...