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    Omega Ruby Replay Team

    I have decided to replay Omega Ruby for the umpteenth time. This time, I have decided to use a team full of Pokémon that I hadn't used in previous runthroughs. However, since I have used every starter, I did decide to go with the starter that I am most comfortable with. The team members are not...
  2. K

    Dorm Tourney Team

    Hello! Some of you may remember me. I rated a decent amount of 5th generation teams, and I figured it was time for me to come back and post a tourney team, like I did frequently in the 5th generation. I have moved onto college and there are people in my dorm that want to have a tournament, and...
  3. K

    The Team of Total Destructiveness

    Hello, all of you. Some of you might not know who I am, but I know that some of you do. For those of you who don't know me, I make odd teams for tourneys that my friends and I put on. This team is no different. In this tourney, we had to use 6 pokemon from the same generation, and being a sun...
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    I'm Kinda Getting Tired of These

    I bet you are too. My friends want another "create a rule" tourney. This time, I have to use only one category of direct damage move, as in Special Attack or Attack. I picked Special Attack. This is the team I am preparing for this tourney. We also have a full tourney rule that we have to use at...
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    I Think I've Seen This Before

    Well, I can tell you that you haven't seen this before. I decided that since there are new tutor moves, I am going to remake my old Black team with a couple of new pokes and some new tutor moves. This was my earliest team, so it may be noobish, but I am remaking it to be a little less noobish...
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    My Friends Really Love Tourneys

    Well, I completely destroyed them with my sun team in the last tourney, but they wanted another. They decided that we would keep the same rules as last time, with one more added on. My first rule was every poke had to have an attacking move with the same type, and now my next rule is that I have...
  7. K

    Scizor? What's Scizor?

    Well, my friends and I are having another tournament and we did the same thing as last time, where someone else makes a rule for you and you have to follow the rule, or you automatically lose. Well, my rule was that every poke had to have one move that shared a type with a move from the rest of...
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    The Sun's Unorthodoxical Approaches

    Well hello there! It's been a while since I have posted a competitive team, and this is still kind of like my other one, where I just really threw 6 pokes on a team to see how good the rates would be, and see what advice I could get on my team. By my title, you can see that my team is a sun...
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    Power vs. Reliability

    When you battle in a competitive style of play, do you use moves of power or moves of reliability? For instance, if you were to use Salamence as a physical attacker, would you use Outrage, a move that does great damage, but confuses after a certain amount of turns, or would you use Dragon...
  10. K

    BS Singles Team

    So, I have never really played at the subway, so I wanted to try it out. I really didn't want to use all OU pokes, either. My choices were just a random three pokes that I haven't seen around much, except for Lucario. So here is my team. Lucario@Focus Sash Jolly Nature Inner Focus EVs:252...
  11. K

    'Nother Fun Tourney Team

    All right, so my friends and I had enough fun at our last tourney that we decided to have another. YOU NEED TO READ THE DESCRIPTION!!!!! There are still special rules for everyone, but with a twist. The competitors have to keep the same rules as last time, plus everyone must make a rule for...
  12. K

    The FireFighters!

    All right. So I'm making a theme team for a little tourney with a couple friends. We each had to make a theme, and we each laid down one rule for another. The person who made the rule for me said that I had to have two pokes with the same moveset, with one wildcard move each. There is no...
  13. K

    Most Viable ExtremeSpeed User (NO Ubers)

    What do you think is the most viable ExtremeSpeed user in OU and down? I think for me it is a toss up with Lucario and Arcanine. So post what you think.
  14. K

    Rate My Competitive Team of Awesomness

    This is my competitive team. I don't have a team building part, or a synergy check. I just threw this team together and it probably sucks. So here's my team. Sorry about no pictures. If someone can send me a link to a site w/moving sprites, they will be added. Terrakion@Life Orb Jolly...
  15. K

    Emerald Battle Pike Team

    This team was perfect for the Battle Pike. So here it is Latios (Rash) Levitate -Dragon Claw -Psychic -Thunderbolt -Ice Beam Standard special sweeper. Nothing to unusual. Blaziken (Quiet) Blaze -Flamethrower -Hidden Power (Dragon) -ThunderPunch -Brick Break Mixed sweeper...
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    Rate My Team of Awesomeness

    First things first, i dont put pokemon into tiers, i just fight. Now here's my team Samurott (Hasty) Torrent -Waterfall -Megahorn -Ice Beam -Hidden Power (Fighting) Blaziken (Adamant) Speed Boost -Swords Dance -Flare Blitz -Stone Edge -Hi Jump Kick Metagross (Adamant) Clear...
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    Rate My Team of Awesomeness

    Before i get started, i dont separate pokemon into tiers i just make random teams and i usually dont have them hold choice items. So hear is the team Raikou (Rash) @Wise Glasses Pressure -Thunderbolt -Shadow Ball -Hidden Power (Ice) -Aura Sphere Feraligatr (Lonely) @Muscle Band...