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    Dual Typing (Advanceshipping Oneshot, PG)

    DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN POKéMON. Anyone who would think that I do needs to use some common sense. Hello, This is my first completed oneshot. If you get past the unreasonably long exposition, you may even find attempts at humour. Please review, especially if you find grammatical errors...
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    Office Icons Do Not Display

    I am running Vista Home Premium (build 6000) and Office 2007 Professional (build 12.0.4518.1014). The icons for all Office-generated documents show up as the default "file type unknown" icon. Unfortunately, Vista does not allow changing of file icons, so I can't figure out how to fix this. Can...
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    Mt. Battle Speed Run - Colosseum Battle Mode

    I'm planning to do a speed run up Mt. Battle in Single Battle Battle Mode in Colosseum. I already have the Pokemon trained, so please suggest movesets only. The nature of speed runs, obviously, requires sweeping sets. Mewtwo@Shell Bell Serious, lv100 (I have 31 Sp Atk IVs, the nature isn't a...
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    RDRAM ecc continuity on Intel 850 motherboard

    I have a computer with the Intel 850 chipset that uses RDRAM. Two of the four sockets are occupied, and I recently found a third RDRAM module that I can use. The third module is ecc-capable. However, when shopping for a fourth module to be used in the same bank, do I have to buy one that is...
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    secpol.msc in Vista Home Premium

    Apparently, the C:\WINDOWS\system32\secpol.msc file (otherwise known as the local security policy editor) is not included with Vista Home Premium. Is it possible to copy the file from XP Pro SP2 and get it to work in Vista?
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    GBA<->Wii linking

    On the main site, there are pictures that show the FR/LG trainers in the Lagoon Colosseum. Is it possible to connect one of the GBA games to PBR for multiplayer battles using the GameCube port? If it is possible, how is it done?
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    Unable to access network

    I have a Gateway E-1400 with a 810 mhz Pentium 3 running XP Pro. I cannot access the network with the integrated network card, and I've tried installing PCI network cards, but they don't work either. The network card is not disabled. Any suggestions?
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    Single Battle Tower

    Single battle tower team for Diamond. Sceptile@Brightpowder Lonely Atk 252 | Speed 252 | HP 6 Dragon Claw Leaf Blade Crunch Iron Tail Swampert@Leftovers Adamant Atk 252 | HP 247 | Speed 6 | Sp Def 5 Rock Slide Waterfall EQ Hammer Arm Blaziken@Scope Lens Adamant Atk 252 |...
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    Diamond Battle Tower (double) team

    This is my team for the Battle Tower! I use offensive moves and train my Pokemon in Sp Atk and Attack. Well, here it is. Mawile@Zoom Lens Iron Head Crunch Rock Tomb Brick Break Octillery@Shell Bell Flamethrower Ice Beam Flash Cannon Psychic Beautifly@Focus Sash Silver Wind...
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    Ruby Battle Tower team

    I've already defeated the lv100 Battle Tower 100 times, but I am wondering what people think of my team that I used to win said Battle Tower. Swampert@Leftovers Body Slam Earthquake Muddy Water Blizzard Dragonite@Scope Lens Flamethrower Thunderbolt Outrage Fly Mantine@Shell...
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    Welcome, fellow Advanceshippers! This is my first fanfic so please comment, review, etc. (This fic will also contain slight GreenRubyshipping or Brendan x Leaf) Directory -Chapter 1 -Chapter 2 -Chapter 3 -Chapter 4 -Chapter 5 -Chapter 6 -Chapter 7 -Chapter 8 -Chapter 9 -Chapter 10...