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    Does anyone want Brock to change to his HG/SS look?

    I don't know about you, but I think Brock's new look is a much better improvement over Misty's and I'd love it if he looked like this in the anime. His Sinnoh outfit is lame. He even looks more like a breeder to me. He looks smarter and more mature. The longer hair is also a must. Who agrees?
  2. K

    Who is your favorite character of the day?

    Of all the characters to only appear once, and probably never again, who are your favorites? Since Conway doesn't count as a character of the day, my favorite is Sho from Pika and Goliath! He was really interesting, some of you might of found his dub way of talking annoying but I thought it...
  3. K

    Paul vs Hunter J

    First of all, I only watch the dub, so I'm really sorry if this has already happened but I've always thought a struggle between these two would be great. Suppose Paul was training in a forest alone, one of his useful Pokemon was stolen by Hunter J, we'll say Torterra. How would he react? How...
  4. K

    Does anyone want to see Brock's cooking challenged?

    I know the writers don't care about Brock, but I thought why has there never been an episode with him in some cooking contest? Even if it's just one episode, I'd like to see someone come and and make his food seem less amazing. Give him something to remind him (us too) that he's not a top...
  5. K

    YGO Adv: Never give up Red-Eyes

    I've been out of Yu-Gi-Oh for a long time and I wanna get back, as always, I'm all about dragons. I looked over a few of the new cards but I know my deck could use improving. I've heard a lot about some Hopeless or whatever, this isn't that, my deck is what is is. Monsters Red-Eyes Drakness...
  6. K

    How are Ghost Pokemon born?

    I mean, do they hatch from eggs? Kinda sucks to be born dead. I'd always thought Ghost Pokemon are the reincarnation of dead Pokemon. Like if a Charmander fell in the ocean and died, a Misdreavus, Gastly, or first evolutionary form of a ghost type would suddenly emerge from where it just died.
  7. K

    Would Team Rocket be successful is they stopped following Ash?

    I was thinking, other members of Team Rocket get away with committing crimes so why can't Jessie and James? (Other than the fact that they're fools) Even though they're disguises are horrible, they somehow always mange to bag the Pokemon they're trying to steal pretty easily. It's just the...
  8. K

    Who is Ash's best friend?

    If asked who is your best friend, he would probably say Pikachu, but who do you think Ash considers to be his best human friend? Misty - 2nd longest traveling buddy and possible love interest Gary - his childhood friend and rival Brock - longest traveling friend Paul - Lol just kidding I...
  9. K

    What would you say to dual-type attacks?

    Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I was wondering if they'll ever make attacks that have more than one element. Doesn't really seem like a bad idea IMO. A large majority of the current attacks are single element, but there are several moves that could be dual-type attacks...
  10. K

    Who should be in the Sinnoh League?

    Ash, Paul, and Barry are pretty much guaranteed, but who else do you think should show up? There have been a lot of interesting characters so far, some of them, too good IMO to never be seen again. Characters Like Conway and Sho, they need to go out with a bang and have a decent battle...
  11. K

    Pokemon you're most Proud of?

    What Pokemon out of any game are you most proud of? It doesn't have to be you're most powerful, but that is part of it. It's moveset, appearance, name, stats, basically a Pokemon you could say "I own the best [Pokemon] in the world!" Mine is my Milotic nicknamed Mitsuki, it's female...
  12. K

    In the anime, can released Pokemon be captured?

    I was thinking, can released Pokemon be captured? I think it'd be an interesting cool twist if say Paul showed up with a Pidgeot in he caught in the Viridian Forest during his time in Kanto that turns out to be the same Pidgeot Ash raised.
  13. K

    Does the world deserve to know?

    So today one of my teachers told us about a meteor 3 times the size of earth that missed us by a some million miles. Short enough to have possibly been a threat but far enough to not hit us or be seen. There was a time when astronomers/government knew it was coming and weren't certain it...
  14. K

    OC and other art

    Hello, haven't been here in a while. Anyway, here are a few pictures I drew lately. The first 3 are of my Pokemon OC Mello. The last two are just drawings cause I felt like it. I don't know why, but my scanner always makes purple look blue, it's supposed to be purple since I'm/he's...
  15. K

    x. Well this is gay!~

    Hi, I go to an all boys high school and I really don't have a problem with gays, but when you're surrounded by homophones, you hear the expression "thats gay" a lot. People use it as a synonym for lame, and I hear it so much that I just did it without thinking. Now I'm going to really work on...
  16. K

    Attacks and how they're done

    The point of this thread is attacks from the Pokemon's perspective. From them getting the command to them launching it, what happens in between? Name an attack and tell how you believe the Pokemon does it, if I'm being too vague you'll soon understand. Flamethrower Fire type Pokemon as well...
  17. K

    Question about Steel type Pokemon

    I've always wondered this, do steel types have metallic skin and bones? (Like Wolverine) Or are they just encased in it? (Like a Knight) I just went on bulbapedia for a list of steel types, Lucario is one. (Yeah, I didn't know that) Why though, I know the outside of his body is furry and...
  18. K

    Would you like this as a game feature?

    You know how some characters in the anime have their own "I choose you" Example: Dawn throws a poke ball and says "[Pokemon's Name], Spotlight!" Example: Paul throws a poke ball and says "[Pokemon's Name], stand by for battle!" If they allowed you to write your own sayings for your...
  19. K

    What is your favorite anime town/city?

    Out of all the places Ash has traveled to in the anime, specials, and movies, which city or town was your favorite? Why do you like it above all others? Would you want to live there? For me, my favorite is place in the Pokemon world is Drew's hometown, LaRousse City. The futuristic city Ash...
  20. K

    Do we have the technology?

    Anyone remember "Hey You, Pikachu!" for the N64? What if they made a game for the Wii, that was like it? The maincontroller is a headset, you pick 6 Pokemon and battle people. The gimmick is that you verbally give the commands, you tell it when, how, when, where to launch attacks etc. You...