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  1. Reyzadren

    onClick=imagechange, How?

    Yes, I've asked a similar question regarding bgColor. Now, I want image changing. I'm just too lazy to read up scripts and interpret them, but I know it's different from bgColor changing :P Say I have 20 small pictures and 1 big picture below them. By clicking one of the small pictures, the...
  2. Reyzadren

    Refreshing questions

    Since about a year ago or less, I've experienced constant refreshes made by my computer randomly at any moment or time. This happens more or less twice a day. At first, this didn't bother me and I thought that this was some sort of a random windows security check thing. But as time goes on, I...
  3. Reyzadren

    Known to Unknown application. How?

    This is more likely a clean-up-your-mess situation. Let's say, I have media players such as winamp, windows media player, real, quicktime. Now, say there are some files which use rare file extensions and need certain programs to open it, example, .ogg (audio) extension. If I opened the file with...