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    What Pokémon Do You Use The Most?

    What Pokémon Do You Use The Most? Title pretty much sums up the thread. What specific Pokémon (singular or plural) have you used the most throughout the series? Personally, I'm doing runthroughs of the numerous games to get at least one team with each starter (cheating a bit and counting the...
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    New Moves & Abilities Discussion Thread

    Seeing as we have three revealed moves and two revealed abilities, I thought it'd be appropriate to set up a new thread to spare the General Discussion Board and the New Mechanics Thread (where it doesn't really belong, as moves and abilities aren't a new mechanic). Here, you can discuss new...
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    The Pokédex Completion Thread

    The Pokédex Completion Thread Basically, this is a thread in which to share and record details about catching 'em all. This isn't a dedicated trade thread or anything, but rather somewhere to share your progress and experiences with filling in the 'Dex, as well as asking questions and helping...