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    Battle Maison team

    Hi, so I need to get some BP to get a few evolutionary items, and my team isn't the greatest. There's 4 or 5 different kind of battles, but I think I'm going to aim for Double battles first. Here's where I'm hesitant, My team consists of duplicate types and not-so-great movepools. I have a...
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    My very limited Sapphire team (Plus other 3rd gen games?) for the Elite 4.

    I haven't played the Hoenn games for years or so, and replayed the Kanto remakes weeks ago. I'm pretty confident in my FR/LG teams, so I don't know if I want help with them or not. In Emerald, it appears I restarted and I'm not very far in the game, so I might ignore that game too. I'm afraid of...
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    A Team of Flying types

    As the title says, It sounds not so smart of an idea. But I just wanted to try it and see if it works out. Four of these pokemon are low leveled so they know some-not-so-great moves right now. I was thinking of having Swellow learn Hyper Beam and Fearow learn Giga Impact. My Pokemon: Swellow...
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    My team for the Platinum Elite Four (and general))

    Is 55 for these pokemon, a good level to fight the E4? By the way, these pokemon had Pokerus. Empoleon level-51 (Brave) * Blizzard * Aerial Ace * Surf * Waterfall (might change for a steel move) Infernape level-51 (Docile) * Close Combat * Mach Punch * Thunder Punch * Fire Punch...
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    My Region(no name, yet)

    My Region all started because of a cat. XD I have gotten the Region Dex done, the national dex done, League, some characters and maps worked on. I have drawn the protagonist/rival, the Proffesor, starters, and Legendaries. Items I still need to work on a lot. Some of the stuff I made is a bit...