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  1. J

    Pokémon let’s go Johto and Gen 4 remakes

    Does anybody here think that they should just make Pokémon let’s go Johto and Gen 4 remakes?
  2. J

    Alola league gyms and gym leaders

    Will Pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon have gyms and gym leaders?
  3. J

    Kanto remakes

    Should they remake the Kanto episodes and rewrite the story lines?
  4. J

    Generation 7

    Do you think that there will be a generation 7 for Pokemon?
  5. J

    Seventh Generation, Eighth Generation and Beyond

    Does anybody just happen to think that there will be a seventh and eighth generation for Pokemon or is this just wishful thinking?
  6. J

    Ash should have a rematch with Cameron!

    How many of you think that Ash and Cameron should have a rematch? Also, does Ash get close to beating Cameron's Lucario?
  7. J

    Ash should have a rematch with Ritchie!

    I think that Ash and Ritchie should have a rematch to make up for what happened in the fifth round of the Pokemon League! Who else here agrees with me?
  8. J

    Should the writers let Ash win a league?

    Should the writers for Pokemon decide to let Ash win a pokemon league?
  9. J

    Should Ash have a legendary pokemon?

    I think that it is about time that the shows writers should give Ash a legendary pokemon that is something like Suicune or Celebi. What do you think?
  10. J

    Ash Should Get Another Charmeleon!

    I strongly think that the producers of the show should literally give Ash another Charmeleon! I mean, seriously, the previous one he had never listened in general and I think that it is now time for him to have one that always complies with whatever he says! Does anybody here agree with me? I...