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  1. ImBeVillain

    Would you watch new episode about Ash get training with Iris and Alain before semifinal/final?

    Iris and Alain are close friends of Ash, so it would be nice if there was a new episode focusing on training together before fighting Cynthia or even Leon. As long as there should be several episodes with a break between the rounds of the tournament. For example: Ep. 118 - Ash vs Steven Ep. 119...
  2. thedarkdragon11

    Can Alain sweep KL Finals Ash's team using Charizard?

    He swept the entire league prior to Semi-Finals using Charizard alone... If Alain used Charizard right from the beginning of the Finals, can he sweep Ash's team?
  3. Genaller

    Alain vs Paul; Battle Of The Strongest!

    This was the most popular vs matchup during Kalos League season and its back with some twists! Like with the most recent iteration of Sawyer vs Tyson the poll options ask more than just who wins in a straight up match in order to keep things more interesting. Assume that Paul is using whatever...
  4. Genaller

    Was Alain’s Win Against Malva Legit?

    Alain is the only known non-Champion trainer in the anime to have beaten an E4 on-screen. Due to how unprecedented this feat was some people claim that Malva may have thrown the fight or at the very least wasn’t trying her hardest, so my question is “do you think Malva was trying her best to win...