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  1. Dragonfree

    2018 Fanfiction Awards - VOTING

    The 2018 Serebii.Net Forums Fanfiction Awards Hosted by Dragonfree and The Great Butler We've received your nominations, and now it's time to place your votes! View nominations - Vote The Rules - The voting phase of the awards lasts from February 14th, 2019, 00:00 UTC to April 14th, 2019...
  2. keepitsimple

    Pokemon Anime Awards 2018 - (VOTING CLOSED IN ALL CATEGORIES)

    Welcome to the 2018 Pokemon Anime Discussion awards thread! I'll be hosting this year since both the previous host @Pokegirl Fan~ and the resident mod @Dephender have allowed me to carry the torch for the awards ceremony this year Edit: Part 2 is now up! Get your votes in before the deadline...