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breedjects breeding dex help hidden ability

  1. B

    Gen8 Galarian breeding question

    Hello, I’m new to the breeding scene, just started so bare with me. When breeding a hidden ability galarian Pokémon such as darumaka, if it has an ever stone should the hidden ability (inner focus) pass down to standard darumaka? Same with galarian rapidash->standard ponyta and so on. Thanks...
  2. Astrint

    HA Goomy and Blipbug

    I need a Hidden ability Goomy line pokemon and a hidden ability Blipbug line pokemon The hidden abilities are Gooey for Goomy and Telepathy for Blipbug They can be breedjects or random raid mons i am only looking for the abilities. offering ha Darumaka, ha Eevee, ha Rookidee, ha Sizzlipede...