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competitive battling

  1. terresquall

    Pokémon EV (Effort Value) Optimiser web application

    Hi folks, Long-time ex-competitive Pokémon player here. I'd been playing competitively since since 2011, but stopped after COVID hit because I got busy adulting. When I was playing competitively, I built a web app to help me calculate optimal defensive EV spreads for my 'mons. I've updated my...
  2. C

    Clear body or Infiltrator for Choice Specs Dragapult?

    I am using a special sweeper Dragapult on my Pokémon showdown team in gen 8 OU singles. I am not sure which ability is better for competitive Specs Dragapult, however. Here is its information: Dragapult @ Choice specs Ability: Clear body/Inflitrator (undecided) Nature: Modest Ev Spread: 252...
  3. C

    Modest or timid nature for Choice Specs Dragapult?

    I recently asked on Pokémon Database if a modest or timid nature for Choice Specs Dragapult was generally better in competitive single battles in Sw/Sh and gen 8 OU singles in Showdown. I received one answer in favor of timid and another in favor of modest. Here is the reasoning why both natures...
  4. Kage-Pikachu

    Pokemon Sword & Shield GENERAL DISCUSSION Thread [Spoilers]

    Confirmed information about the 2019 Switch game: Will include "many" new Pokemon Will have better graphics than any Pokemon game released up til now Will be directed at experienced players Will be a core entry to the series Will be released in the second half of 2019 And of course we'll have...
  5. B

    Competitive Gen VII Team

    Hey! This is my first competitive team and I was hoping for advice. I play on Pokemon Showdown Gen VII OU. My Blissey often ends up carrying the team and the rest get knocked out fast. I have also attached a battle transcript. Toxapex (M) @ Black Sludge Ability: Regenerator EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def...
  6. M

    Mysterions competetive breeding center

    Welcome to my trading shop. I am offering several perfect IV Pokemon. All of them will be level 1. My offers will increase with the time. IVs are given in the order HP/ATK/DEF/SATK/SDEF/SPD. If I don't specify it, they don't have a hidden ability and are in some kind of normal ball. The design...
  7. Archer Steele

    Gen 8 Competitive Meta

    Given we know that there will be a limited array of Pokemon, as well as no mega evolution and no z-moves, how do we expect the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield singles meta to behave? I for one hope dynamaxing isn't in wifi battles, but if it is, all we know about it leads me to think it won't...
  8. B

    Howdy PokePeeps!

    Hi there! I'm balco, and I'm looking to get further into my love of Pokemon's complexity. I'm well-versed in terminologies and metagames and I have amassed quite a few legitimate competitive Pokemon in order to build a complete competitive dex. At the moment, I'm specializing in...
  9. FrozTKnight

    Casual battle mode for Pokemon Switch online battles.

    I have seen a lot of casual players being turned of by Pokemon online play just because they don't want to put in the work required to breed Pokemon to go and actually stand a chance of winning in an online game and some don't like it because they don't get to use their main in-game team online...