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crash bandicoot n. sane trilogy

  1. CocoEcho

    Activision, Minecraft, and other new 3rd Party Characters in Smash Ultimate

    So limit conversation to 3rd party characters, 3rd party stages, 3rd party videogame music, and new series that haven't been in Smash bros. yet, (Captain Toad is considered to be part of the Mario Franchise, sorry guys, we can't discuss him in depth like the other 3rd Parties that haven't been...
  2. pokedigijedi

    Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy thoughts and opinions

    I am actually enjoying this, I am playing on the Switch, I didn't own a Playstation as a kid so I never knew what his game series was like, it wasn't until just a couple years I got a PS2 (that's right I only NOW got A PS2 whilst the PS 4 is out) and got a chance to play a few (as in 2) Crash...