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  1. ImBeVillain

    Would you watch new episode about Ash get training with Iris and Alain before semifinal/final?

    Iris and Alain are close friends of Ash, so it would be nice if there was a new episode focusing on training together before fighting Cynthia or even Leon. As long as there should be several episodes with a break between the rounds of the tournament. For example: Ep. 118 - Ash vs Steven Ep. 119...
  2. ImBeVillain

    Why 90% of peoples insist that Cynthia should be the strongest trainer in the world?

    They also treat Cynthia the same as the toughest to beat in the gen 4 game, yet I haven't had a problem with her lately - in fact, she was really easy to beat, especially at Platinum. However, I will skip the details of the game, but let's focus on the anime. Leon is the current world champion...
  3. NataneGardenia

    [Fanzine] Pokemon: The Tale of Two Js

    [[The link to the Fanzine cannot be posted on this Forum for some reason, so I will have to give you the address as the next best thing: pokemonthetaleoftwojs.thecomicseries,com]] This Unofficial Fanzine is to commemorate the 10 year Anniversary of the demise of one of the most notorious and...