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delia ketchum

  1. AquaMilotic

    Who is Ash Ketchum's father? (PokeShipping, R)

    Images: BulbaGarden Archives (sprites) and Serebii (anime screenshot) This fic is on FanFiction.Net as well. Author: AquaMilotic Title: Who is Ash Ketchum's Father? Fandom: Pokemon Pairings: PokeShipping (Ash x Misty) and JoyShockShipping (Ash's Pikachu x Misty's Togetic) Status: Finished...
  2. Y

    Was Delia a student of Oak's?

    I've seen this spouted a lot. Everyone knows that Delia studied under Oak and was one of his best students... Right? I researched the English dub twice and never does it say that Delia was a student of Oak's. It also doesn't imply it. Spencer was a student of Oak's and Delia knew Spencer...