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diamond & pearl

  1. H

    Pokémon completion trade help (BDSP, Let's Go and Sword and Shield)

    I need a Koffin and omanyte on let’s go pikachu. If anyone can help I’ll offer pretty much any Pokémon for trade on diamond, sword and sheild or let’s go
  2. S

    Potential hint at dp remakes??

    This is ONLY speculation, just a sudden thought that came to mind.. just curious if anyone had thought about this yet: The raid event switched over to water types, before it was ... steel?? (Pretty sure) think dialga is a dragon/STEEL and palkia is a dragon/WATER?!!? wouldn’t put it last...
  3. J.Agera

    What was the Fandom's state during "DP->BW" ?

    So with this "XY vs SM" going on at the moment, I am wondering if the situation was similar with "DP->BW". Did people defend BW and hated DP too? If not then how was it? I wasn't an active member of the Pokemon Anime Community until 2017, so I don't really know. But I want to know lol
  4. P

    Pokemon DP & its movies inspired by Promised place beyond the clouds?

    As I was watching promised place beyond the clouds few days ago, it came to me that Pokemon DP & its movies inspired by Promised place beyond the clouds? Especially Islands of Sinnoh are baaed off islands of Hokkaido, in promised place beyond the clouds, there's map of Hokkaido that looks very...