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father's day

  1. TheCharredDragon

    Not All That is Gold Glitters [Persona 5] [Yusuke/Futaba]

    Summary: Old fears of Yusuke resurface when his son seems focused on money not long after showing his eye for art. But it's only after a suggestion from his wife, Futaba, does he realize the true reason behind his son's behavior. Aka: Dad!Yusuke worried his son might end up like Madarame but...
  2. TheCharredDragon

    A Crow's Treasure [Persona 5 AU] [Akechi/Fem!Akira]

    Summary: Akechi discovers his daughter has a crush...and decides to help her with it. Aka: Dad!Akechi playing matchmaker, because there aren't many fics of Dad!Akechi. Akechi/Fem!Akira) "See you tomorrow," Goro said to the receptionist as he left the police station. He had managed to finish...