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  1. SoulPKMN

    Zen Mode Galarian Darmanitan Teammates?

    Any ideas on what Pokes would go well with Zen Mode Darmanitan in Solo Queue? What have you seen work well with it?
  2. GiraffeFactory

    LF: Galarian Darmanitan

    Hey everyone, I am currently looking for a Galarian Darmanitan for the purpose of passing down egg moves; it would be ideal if the Darmanitan already had Belly Drum and Icicle Crash on it but this isn't necessary at all. I can try and nab any Shield exclusives in my game to trade! Thank you so...
  3. Lunarnorthstar

    LF: Cursed Body Galarian Corsola

    I spent a few days getting myself a max IV Galarian Corsola, only to realize (like a noob) that cursed body was, in fact, a hidden ability not a normal one, and that my ability capsule would not work. sooooo I am going to need someone to trade me a Corsola with cursed body. I would prefer it...
  4. RoyalXIII

    LF: Galarian Darumaka/Darmanitan w/HA. TF: Gigantamax Sandaconda HA

    Looking for either Galarian Darumaka or Galarian Darmanitan with it's Hidden Ability, female if possible! Offering a Gigantamax Sandaconda with it's Hidden Ability. Lv.40, I have one that's Modest & one that's Lax.
  5. DragonScale

    The most likely remaining pokemon for the Galar regional dex

    https://www.serebii.net/swordshield/galarpokedex.shtml They're like because A) They fit the region and make sense B) They're a counterpart of a already confirmed pokemon C) They're a fan-favorite D) The species said pokemon is based on is native to europe, let alone, UK Venusaur Blastoise...
  6. AgentKallus

    Regional Variant Versus Original (2 hour cooldown) Legends Spoilers

    Which is better the regional variant or the original, you decide! Simply add one point to either side, until one side reaches 15. Kanto Weezing 0/15 Galar Weezing 0/15
  7. Mega Ampharos the Dragon

    How do you feel about the new Galarian formes plus Obstagoon?

    I'm interested in hearing how you feel about Galarian Weezing, Zigzagoon, and Linoone and I'm interested in how you feel about Obstagoon