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gen 1

  1. W

    What is your opinion on the Pokemon sprites of Gen 1?

    Many seem to think the sprites are bad but are there some good things about them? Like some of them do have a more organic feel as opposed to the cartoonish designs that have become standard. Not that I dislike the cartoony style but the sprites of Red and Blue (as well as Japanese Red and...
  2. Emboar_Rulez

    Favorite Pokemon Game

    What is Everyones Favorite Mainline Pokemon Game?
  3. Emboar_Rulez

    How long did you use the Pikachu in Yellow Version?

    In Pokemon Yellow your starter is a Pikachu which is kinda weak.Ive noticed lots of people swap it for a Magneton or Jolteon.Did anyone do this or did you try to use it the whole game?
  4. Emboar_Rulez

    How would you rank the Pokémon champions from strongest to weakest?

    What champion was a total pushover and which one took you several tries to beat?
  5. Z

    Pokemon Rumble feeling short

    Hey yesterday i had try to play pokemon rumble from the wii on a emulator and i been playing today as well and notice that the game feels uncomplete as if half of gen 1 and half gen 4 in the game is this not normale i ask but kinda wondering is there a modded version of pokemon rumble for the wii.
  6. S

    Pokemon Yellow : Confused between two squirtles for playthrough

    I am confused between a max speed, attack iv squirtle and a max special iv squirtle . Any help. Both are lvl.10 . These are the stats: Squirtle 1 Hp. 31 Atk. 17 Def. 20 Spd. 16 Spc. 17 Squrtle 2 Hp. 30 Atk. 14 Def. 20 Spd. 15 Spc. 18
  7. M.A.C.H

    Snorlax Fusion Sprites (Snorlax new move! Energy Eat!)

    Snorlax's new move ENERGY EAT can eat a quarter or half of one of your party Pokemon's HP Energy and then take on characteristics of that pokemon. The more energy is eaten the more he looks like that pokemon. He will also steal one or two of there moves and have their resistants to types as...
  8. M.A.C.H

    Original Generation 1 (Shiny) Sprites

    Not too sure why I decided to do this maybe nostalgia, Japanese Blue and international Red/Blue Shiny Pokemon Sprites including shiny Missingno :D:D
  9. Psychic

    The 1st & 2nd Generation Games Rules, FAQ and Help Thread

    Welcome to the newly-merged 1st & 2nd Generation Games section! We are all about the first two generations of Pokemon games here, so prepare yourself for the nostalgia! This thread contains the rules of the forum, as well as FAQs for R/G/B/Y and G/S/C. You can also ask for specific advice or...