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  1. Umbramatic

    Reminders Of Home (Original Fiction, Drabble)

    So this is a bit of a weird one.. This was a drabble done for art class, with us being assigned to switch gears and write a poem or short story about another person's piece, and I was assigned this: Despite not having any writing energy in months I went feral churning out a drabble/scene for...
  2. AgentKallus

    Greek Gods Elimination ( 1 hour Cooldown)

    Below there's a list of 14 Greek gods ( the 12 Olympians + Hades and Hestia) each starts with 15 points per post one point is removed from one of the gods, once a god reach 0 points they are eliminated and this continues until only 1 remains, sound good? Zeus 15/15 Hera 15/15 Poseidon 15/15...
  3. Namohysip

    The Great Dunsparce Apocalypse

    A potato farmer gets caught up in a battle between gods. This work is rated T for some mild to moderate violence. The Great Dunsparce Apocalypse “I’ve found her!” Her triumphant cry startled the many little, glowing spheres that lingered in the air. She slithered past a few blue leaves...