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  1. Dark_King25

    Has Greninja surpassed Charizard in popularity?

    Ever since gen 6 Greninja has been topping all favorite pokemon polls and people talk about Ash's Greninja more than Ash's Charizard these days, Greninja is also ahead of Charizard when it comes on how many people use them in Pokemon unite. So is Greninja more popular than Charizard now?
  2. Dark_King25

    Favorite Ash Ketchum regional Ace Pokemon?

    Pikachu may be ash's partner but that doesn't mean he has all the spotlight the pokes that share that spotlight are his regional ace pokemon so who is your favorite ace?
  3. Ragnarok4

    FAVORITE Ash team

  4. X

    This is a crazy idea based on Pokeraf’s future speculation, but…

    I know this is not important to some and I know that Ash’s Greninja was retconned, but hear me out. One day on twitter, the Pokeraf posted a tease of an upcoming speculation video featuring his prediction of Ash-Greninja returning to the Pokémon series as well as Zygarde “Squishy” to fight...
  5. Mythical-Moonlight

    Who's release was worse? Greninja's or Ambipom's?

    It's definitely no disagreement that these 2 releases have been arguably the most controversial for reasons And I want to know who's release do you guys think was worse? Greninja leaving to find Zygarde cells? Or Ambipom leaving after discovering a passion for Ping Pong? Tell which one...
  6. thedarkdragon11

    Can Alain sweep KL Finals Ash's team using Charizard?

    He swept the entire league prior to Semi-Finals using Charizard alone... If Alain used Charizard right from the beginning of the Finals, can he sweep Ash's team?
  7. P

    FT: Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele and Tapu Fini / LF: Pheromosa, Buzzwole or Greninja

    Hello. I decided to restart my SM game to play again, but I need to get rid of these three legendaries because I don't want to spoil my Pokédex. They are all legal Pokémon with 6 IVs and at level 100. Tapu Koko: Timid nature Tapu Lele: Timid nature Tapu Fini: Bold nature The UBs must be with a...