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  1. Mythical-Moonlight

    Least Favorite Shippings?

    What are some of your least favorite Pokémon Ships? It can be from anywhere in the Franchise (Games, Anime, Movies, Manga etc) For me I don't like Lusamine/Guzma. At least in the original SuMo games she was manipulative and controlling not to mention an abusive mother to her kids. Guzma was...
  2. AmericanPi

    Police (SkullShipping; one-shot; PG-13/T)

    "Police" A SkullShipping one-shot by AmericanPi Guzma and Plumeria walked in silence in the Alolan forest, searching for a Pokémon that they both liked, Venipede. Guzma glanced at his former charge and sighed softly to himself. Truth to be told, he invited Plumeria on this outing so that she...
  3. dietofwurms

    Beasts and Beauties [Sun & Moon]

    Welcome to "Beasts and Beauties"! Table of Contents Chapter 1 (Prologue): Ferals - In which the kahunas must deal with an unusual situation. Chapter 2: Scratch My Back - In which Lusamine hosts a visitor. Chapter 3: The Mirror - In which Lusamine and Guzma find things to admire--and use--in one...