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league conference

  1. Ragnarok4

    Hoenn League Ash vs Goh

    Yeah another poll, no I'm not obsessed with them
  2. TheCrazyMaster

    How would you rank all of the shows leagues (gens 1-7) in terms of "prestige"?

    From league qualifications to league conferences how would you rank each league (including the Orange League) from best to worst? How would you rank the qualification methods? If there were gym leaders, which ones were the most powerful? How fairly did they treat challengers and pokemon? If...
  3. Genaller

    Hoenn League vs Kalos League!

    This seems like a fairly divisive topic. On the 1 hand Hoenn had a much greater quantity of battles and felt far less disconnected than Kalos (only skipped 1 of Ash’s matches) though Kalos easily had a weighted overall superior quality of battles (where a battle gets more weight the more time it...