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let's go

  1. J

    Trades to fill pokedex

    I'm looking to make the following trades. The first pokemon named in the proposed trades are from me. Poliwhirl - Poliwhirl Scyther - Pinsir I also need the following pokemon. Let me know what you would like in exchange for them. Farfetch'd Shellder Koffing Goldeen Mew If you can help with...
  2. D

    If you want Omanyte or Kabuto...

    Hi, all! I've seen a bunch of trade requests asking for Omanyte and Kabuto, so I thought I'd post this friendly PSA: Technically, you don't need to trade to get the Fossil Pokémon Omanyte or Kabuto! Pokémon: Let's Go actually gives you a way to get duplicates of all 3 fossils, even the one you...
  3. W

    Simply looking to trade for an Ekans to help complete pokedex :) Thanks!

    Hi guys. Hoping someone has an Ekans to trade me, to help complete my pokedex. Downside of having lets go pikachu.
  4. D

    [SHINY HUNTING] New technique and theory, 30 min on average

    The technique requires you to do the following:: 1) Reach a Catch Combo of at least 11 (Attention the rate will not be 1/273 before a combo of 31). 2) Wait until the maximum number of Pokemon that can appear for that area is reached (this varies based on the zone; often 3/4/5 at a time...