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  1. Mythical-Moonlight

    Least Favorite Shippings?

    What are some of your least favorite Pokémon Ships? It can be from anywhere in the Franchise (Games, Anime, Movies, Manga etc) For me I don't like Lusamine/Guzma. At least in the original SuMo games she was manipulative and controlling not to mention an abusive mother to her kids. Guzma was...
  2. dietofwurms

    Beasts and Beauties [Sun & Moon]

    Welcome to "Beasts and Beauties"! Table of Contents Chapter 1 (Prologue): Ferals - In which the kahunas must deal with an unusual situation. Chapter 2: Scratch My Back - In which Lusamine hosts a visitor. Chapter 3: The Mirror - In which Lusamine and Guzma find things to admire--and use--in one...