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  1. Emboar_Rulez

    Impractical Jokers Discussion thread

    Have you guys heard about the show Impractical Jokers?It is a comedy show on TruTV if you guys watch it what do you think of it?
  2. NovaBrunswick

    Favourite Christmas Movies?

    'Tis the season to be jolly - and watch a Christmas movie or two. What are your festive favourites? Mine are: The Muppet Christmas Carol Pretty much any version of A Christmas Carol How the Grinch Stole Christmas Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse The Snowman Father...
  3. Emboar_Rulez

    Favorite Christmas Movie

    Hey guys whats your favorite Christmas movie of all time?
  4. isonademnemosyne

    Looking for the name of a song from the anime

    Hi y'all. I am looking for the title of a song that plays in the early anime, particularly during the Mewtwo Radio Drama and during the uncut animated segment of Mewtwo's Origin. You can hear the track I am looking for the title on start 9:37 in this link: Would anyone happen to know the...
  5. NovaBrunswick

    Movies/TV shows that scared you when you were little

    We all have that one movie or TV show that scared us when we were kids. Maybe it was accidental, or maybe you wanted to be brave out of morbid curiosity. Whatever it was, they gave us nightmares for days on end. Here’s some of the movies and TV shows that scared me when I was younger: Don’t...
  6. U

    Pokemon Cinematic Universe?

    With Detective Pikachu off to a good start, there has been talks of more films to come that are in this universe. I'm curious to hear some ideas you might have for follow up films that take place in this world that was established here. Keep in mind that you do not need to have the idea be based...
  7. NovaBrunswick

    Pokémon equivalents of popular TV shows/movies

    While I was talking on the Serebii Discord server, I had some thoughts: what would some popular real-world TV shows and movies be called and be about in the Pokémon world? I’ve already thought of a few: Hawaii Five-0 = Alola Five-0. It’d be a bunch of Officer Jennys riding on speedboats with...