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negrek's fanfics

  1. Negrek

    [One-Shot] Mute

    Author's Notes: This was my gift exchange gift, a fic for AmericanPi. She gave a lot of fun prompts, some of which were musical pieces. The one I picked for this story was Strauss' "De Fiedermaus" Overture. Listening to it I got the image of a big pokémon orchestra, a super energetic conductor...
  2. Negrek

    [One-Shot] Legends

    Warnings: Violence associated with pokémon battles. Author's Notes: A one-shot for January! (Shhh, I know it's February, I took a couple days to make some edits.) I considered entering this into the platonic contest, but then I didn't. That's about all there is to say about this one. Enjoy...
  3. Negrek


    Rating: I ended up rating this 'fic "M" on FFN. As far as the rating for these forums goes, in later chapters there is definitely "frequent use of profanity", but aside from that, the material is very PG-15, with a fair amount of blood, violence, and death, quite a lot of body horror, and the...