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  1. Blackjack Gabbiani

    All Together Now

    First, this fic is a followup to Safe Passage so you *may* want to read that first. Also, Juliana is nonbinary because I said so. "I'm not sure how much I can explain right now," Arven murmured, not directly looking at the phone before him, "but I'm going to need some costume stuff. And...
  2. SerGoldenhandtheJust

    Should the Paldean anime feature multiple companions like SM?

    Hear me out Just like how SM had multiple companions for Ash, Kiawe Lillie Mallow Lana and Sophs I think the Paldean anime should have Goh, Chloe, Arven, Penny and Nemona as his companions For one, I feel Chloe and Goh have so much more potental and id like it to happen, and each of those three...