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  1. FloatzieDPPT

    Name Themes You've Used?

    I was inspired to make this post after someone wrote about their name theme for Pokemon XY in a thread I made. I remember having a Fruit name theme during my Sun and Moon playthrough ( My Rowlet was called Pear). What name themes have you used and why?
  2. Wulava

    Pokemon Sword & Shield - HELP THREAD (Don't ask about Victini)

    This thread is for any QUESTIONS & ANSWERS regarding the game. Your questions may not be answered immediately, so please be patient. We highly suggest that you look through these dedicated sections first to help find answers. Pokemon Sword & Shield Game Info Gen 8 Pokedex Please do not spam...
  3. curiousabra

    Need nickname for Lapras (HGSS)

    Ugh, I've been at this for two days and can't think of a nickname for my Lapras. I want something that is playful and cute, and also captures what lapras is all about (intelligence, docility, etc.) For reference, here are the names of the other Pokemon on my team. Abra: Curiosity Natu: Kiwi...
  4. AgentKallus

    Name the Pokemon.

    This is a simple enough game, some one post a picture of a pokemon and the next poster gives it a nickname and posts a new picture of a pokemon for the next person. like so So I'll start us off with this Pokemon.
  5. TokoyamiTheDark

    Stupidest OT/Nicknamed Mons you EVER got from trades?

    As the Title says, which Pokémon you obtained from GTS/Wonder Trade had the stupidest, dumbest nicknames or OTs? Gen VI mons are also welcome since Wonder trade was introduced in gen VI :) I begin with these 2 unforgettable ones. 1 - Pokémon: Mudbray stupid nickname: subeta AND/OR stupid OT...