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  1. kamomesan

    Reminiscing on Pokemon's culture of rumor

    As a child, I was a member of a small group of dedicated Pokenerds at my elementary school. Although we all had internet access, I still remember our discussions of the games still were mainly word-of-mouth playground rumors. For whatever reason, I managed to convince my friends that you could...
  2. P

    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    ** The Pokemon Questions Thread! ** http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/Profesco/SPPf%20funnies/Jigglypufflol.jpg If you have a question about Pokemon, bring it here! Really, any questions at all - if you're looking for a quick answer, this is the place. Do not make a...
  3. xXZ380 D43M0NXx

    What is Pokemon to you..?

    Alright... I've been thinking a lot lately. Pokemon has always held such a special place in my heart for... well as long as I can remember. I find myself looking around the community today... and I can't help but to feel proud of what I see. So, I'd like to ask you guys an important question...