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  1. Blue & Pink Playthroughs

    Pokémon Co-op Playthrough (Shiny Nuzlocke) 60 FPS

    Hi friends! We'd like to share the first episode of our co-op run of Pokémon Emerald with you all :) The rule we've set for ourselves is that we can only catch Shiny Pokémon (settings adjusted to make it feasible) it's been flippin' funny so far xD Keen to see if anyone else finds this idea...
  2. _MONSTER_

    Honest Locke

    It's been a while since the first Nuzlocke. It's become quite iconic in the Pokemon community, trying to beat a Pokemon game permanently losing a Pokemon if they die and losing the whole game if everyone dies in one battle. They're quite hard, especially in some of the harder games, like Emerald...
  3. P

    Need help deciding what to evolve my Eevee into

    My Eevee is a Bold nature. I know it's not an optimized or otherwise obvious nature for any of the evolutions, but I don't really have a choice because I'm in a nuzlocke and I wasn't lucky enough to catch an Eevee on Routes 4 or 6. What Eeveelutions are best-suited for bold and why? (Not...